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The Good Wife

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The truth behind Anna’s abortion was just the thing Will and Diane needed to win Anna’s appeal. Unfortunately, in her eyes, an abortion was significantly worse that doping. Particularly if she would have to admit the truth to her parents and family. Will pointed out the risk of not telling the truth: She’d be banned from her race and lose her $5 million endorsement. But Anna insisted that they proceed with a lie.

Alicia was still trying to get Elsbeth a bond hearing when she spoke with Peter. He offered to make a call, but knew it would look like a political favor and not a personal one. He extended an invitation to Alicia to join him for a bite, and then told her to question the constitutionality of the arrest itself. And even though Elsbeth was technically out of the campus police’s jurisdiction, Judge Politi (Vincent Curatola) held up the arrest. That said, Politi did agree to let her stay in the city for her bond hearing. Plus, he delivered this gem: “When the law’s an ass, someone has to kick it!”

Back in jail, Kalinda visited Elsbeth to review her trial notes. Elsbeth told Kalinda that in doping charges, the burden of proof is reversed. Will and Diane would have to prove Anna’s innocence. So Elsbeth suggested that they attack the three pillars, or the ways the panel substantiates doping charges. The first pillar, analysis, was pretty much already out the door. That left the second pillar, confidentiality, and the third, chain of custody.

Through the rules, all test samples had to be shipped by the same day. Anna’s sample wasn’t shipped on the same day, which gave Will and Diane the break in the chain of custody. Unfortunately, the panel judges believed it was just a technicality. But leave it to the wild Elsbeth Tascioni to swoop in at the last-minute to save the day. She posted her bail, and literally came running in to the CAS panel, heels in her hands, to present one final witness. Enter cyclist Dedrick Klein, who had been accused of using banned substances and was suspended from cycling. He appealed, like Anna, but the panel confirmed his guilt two to one. The leader of that panel was none other than Judge Villapique himself. Villapique swayed the Egyptian judge to vote for Klein’s guilt. After he was stripped of his title, the honor went to the runner-up from France. This led to a panel argument about how Villapique should have recused himself, and obviously the other two panel judges weren’t too pleased with the national bias. A successful flip of the German judge. And Elsbeth Tascioni = the new Rambo.

NEXT: Peter battles accusations of racial bias and Eli battles with Jordan

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