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March 02, 2015 at 10:54 PM EST

The Good Wife

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The three French-speaking judges on the CAS panel made Will incredibly uncomfortable, and I have to admit it was kind of fun to see him so out of his comfort zone. But I know Anna didn’t feel the same way, and was anxiously awaiting the return of Elsbeth. Thankfully, Judge Villapique (Ronald Guttman) & Co. agreed to host the panel in English for Will’s benefit, but that didn’t stop them from reverting to French as they discussed the case.

Technically Anna passed her drug test for the race in question, but afterward the tester found ghosting — ICSH, the fingerprint for boosters. Additionally, they had a witness claiming he saw a courier bring drugs to Anna at the Olympics. Will managed to get the witness on the stand (or at least the chair in the middle of the room). Realizing he was in way over his head, Will went to Diane who happens to be quite fluent in French. (Notice both Will and Diane gave up their weekend plans to help Elsbeth.)

The witness in question was Anna’s roommate from the Olympics. She claimed to have seen Anna accept drugs from a man, specifically Nelson Kimora from the Notorious Six, a group of six runners who’d been banned from racing for using boosters. Anna admitted that she previously dated Nelson, but they were no longer together. Will and Diane still felt like she was hiding something.

Elsbeth was facing more difficulties with her transfer from the Skokie jail. Due to her erratic behavior, she had to pass a psych evaluation before they would transfer her. And I’m not saying Elsbeth is crazy, but…okay that is what I’m saying. She’s crazy! (In a good way, of course.) Alicia knew she’d have her work cut out for her. And Elsbeth practiced not talking as much.

But leave it to the bizarre Elsbeth to figure out Anna’s secret: ICSH is also a pregnancy hormone. Anna was pregnant, and she had an abortion. Of course, this revelation came in the middle of Elsbeth’s psych evaluation. A revelation that was preceded by an outburst of laughter at the oddity of human behavior. So while it was helpful for Anna’s case, it pretty much solidified the fact that Elsbeth failed her evaluation.

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