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The Good Wife recap: The Guilty Ones

Two defendants get accused of the same crime, Eli gets a visitor from the Justice Department, and Kalinda tells Nick he has to go

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Battle Of The Proxies
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The Good Wife

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Last week’s episode of The Good Wife was easily my favorite of the season. It was definitely a tough act to follow, but I think “Battle of the Proxies” did a pretty good job. And I can say that even though there was a Kalinda/Nick story line!

The case of the week was actually two cases: two men were facing charges for murdering the same woman. How is that possible? The victim, Brandy, had been attending an outdoor music festival in Chicago where she was murdered. Her body was then transported 50 miles south to Minooka, Ill., her hometown, and dumped. So in Chicago, Will was defending Troy—a local executive with a spotless record—against Laura Hellinger’s prosecution. Meanwhile, Gary—a jealous ex-boyfriend of Brandy’s—was being tried for the same crime in Minooka. Will was not allowed to bring up the other trial in court, per Judge Morris’ (Jane Alexander) orders, even though the court in Minooka was referring to the case in Chicago. Morris told Will if another person (i.e. Gary) was found guilty of the murder, then, and only then, could he present that evidence to the jury. So to help facilitate a win in Chicago, Alicia went to Minooka to aid the prosecution there.

But Alicia wasn’t welcomed with open arms. Lee (Reed Birney), the head of the prosecution there, had no interest in her help—even with the promise of access to Cooke County files. Will told Alicia not to worry, that he’d want their help eventually. Eventually came in the form of a clay loam soil analysis: The soil found at the concert site was also found on the defendant’s shoes—even though he claimed to have never been there. That made Lee  a believer, and he graciously accepted all of Alicia’s further aid.

After Will had some success in the court room using a clever earplug demonstration (“I’m not being murdered! I’m just screaming in the hallway!”), Hellinger recognized that she might be in trouble. So she sought the help of Matan Brody. (Can’t say that I’ve missed that guy!) So with Matan and Alicia aiding the defense and prosecution, respectively, the case in Minooka became a battle of the proxies, hence the episode’s title.

NEXT: Troy and Gary get their verdicts. The guilty one is…{C}