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The Good Wife season premiere recap: The Estranged Husband

Alicia and Zach take on a state trooper, Will and Diane deal with the firm’s financial problems, and Kalinda’s husband returns in the season premiere 

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The Good Wife Recap
Jeffrey Neira/CBS

The Good Wife

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Will: “An odd year, huh?” Diane: “I think we’re heading toward an even odder one.” Yup. That closing line from last night’s season 4 premiere of The Good Wife pretty much sums it up. Buckle up, because if the first episode is any indication, it looks like Alicia & Co. are prepared to deliver another drama-fueled, exciting season. So let’s get to recapping!

We’ve been not-so patiently waiting all summer long to see what, or rather who, was on the other side of Kalinda’s door. I fully expected her estranged husband to be the owner of those ominous knocks. So I was surprised, but not disappointed, when one of her ex’s cronies, Bill, appeared. Bill (played by P.J. Brown) came bearing important news: “He misses you. It’s not just the money. He wants you back.” But Kalinda, not willing to accept any of his BS, chose this opportune moment to open up a can of whoopass. Fight! Fight! Fight! Their brawl ended with Kalinda taking a sledgehammer to Bill’s hand—he had some choice words for her after that one—and telling her ex over the phone that she’d moved on and he should too. But Bill warned her, “You run again, he’ll find you.” Please tell me I wasn’t the only one sweating during that intense opener.

Meanwhile, Zach, Grace, and Alicia were traveling home from a college visit when Zach was pulled over by a state trooper. How fast was Zach going? Turns out, not that fast. Officer Robb said that Zach hit the brakes when he spotted the officer and then sped up again. That particular roadway was a major conduit for drugs, money, and weapons. And as such, Robb decided his canine should check out the car, giving him probable case to search the vehicle. He only found marijuana shake, which basically means he didn’t find anything. But it was enough to give Zach a ticket and a warning. Unsurprisingly, this pissed Alicia off who felt they were being unjustly profiled. Still unsure of why they had been pulled over, Grace suggested that they use Peter’s name to get out of the ticket, but Alicia had a simple answer for that: “We don’t use dad’s name. We use the law!” (And now I want someone to make a T-shirt with Alicia’s face on it that says, “We use the law!” Christmas is just around the corner, guys.)

As Robb was writing out the ticket, he noticed Zach had been recording the whole thing on his phone. A crime fit for the digital age. Robb demanded that Zach erase the recording. Instead, Zach emailed it too himself. Ooops! And an even bigger ooops when Robb decided to arrest Zach. It’s now that I’d like to point out that you shouldn’t mess with the good children of the good wife. Zach was given a preliminary hearing, and Alicia was none too pleased that it would end up on her son’s permanent record. And all because a cop wanted to make a point.

NEXT: Zach goes to court; Diane and Will deal with the financial woes of Lockhart/Gardner