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The Good Wife season finale recap: The Bad Husband

Louis Canning and Patti Nyholm threaten to bankrupt Lockhart Gardner, and answers about Kalinda’s back story just raise more questions

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The Good Wife The Dream Team
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The Good Wife

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When I first read that The Good Wife‘s season 3 finale episode was titled “The Dream Team,” I foolishly believed that the aforementioned team would be made up of one of the many badass lawyers at Lockhart Gardner. And obviously, Alicia would lead said team to victory. Silly me. The Dream Team is a job reserved for two of The Good Wife‘s baddies, Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) and Patti Nyholm (Martha Plimpton).

Alicia and Diane did claim victory in the courtroom, though. The women headed up a case against the makers of Verasine, a drug designed to cure acne. Verasine caused their client irreversible sterility, and they were asking $18 million in damages. Alicia had a bad feeling about the case, which was why everyone was speechless when the judge awarded their client $25 million, $7 million over their ask. The victory came at a seemingly perfect time, since the firm had been under some financial strain. Lockhart Gardner would finally be able to pay off some outstanding bills. But nothing is ever so simple. The judge who made this decision, Judge Wynter, was someone Will allegedly bribed.

Canning, the lawyer for Verasine, vowed to appeal. He visited the Lockhart Gardner offices to negotiate with Diane and Alicia, and then dropped his next bomb: He and Patti Nyholm would be suing Lockhart Gardner for $50 million on behalf of the makers of Verasine and their insurers for fraud and malicious prosecution. And Will’s judicial bribery involvement was the perfect angle. Diane and Will assumed it was a scare tactic, and that Canning and Nyholm were using the lawsuit to fact-find for an appeal.

It quickly became evident that Nyholm and Canning were using information from Will’s sealed grand jury evidence to frame their questions. Will, Diane, and Alicia took this news to Judge Linden (guest Mark Linn-Baker) in an effort to exclude all grand jury testimony. Per usual, Canning tried to play up his disease to Linden, who happened to be in a wheelchair. Canning was unsuccessful, but Linden agreed to let the evidence stand unless Lockhart Gardner could prove that they were illegally using sealed transcript testimony.

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