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The Good Wife recap: Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Alicia steps up her political involvement when Mike Kresteva becomes Peter’s political rival, and Jackie suffers a stroke

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The Good Wife Matthew Perry
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The Good Wife

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Hell hath no furry like Alicia Florrick scorned. In last night’s “Pants On Fire,” Alicia took on Jackie and Mike Kresteva. Picking up where we last left off, Alicia interrupted ¬†Jackie’s salon visit to call her out on purchasing the Florricks’ old home. Jackie had put a down payment on the house, so Peter and the kids could move in. (And she probably hoped she could join in on the family fun, too.) Obviously, that didn’t sit well with Alicia, who felt like Jackie was trying to replace her. Alicia threw down the gauntlet and promised to stop her. “I’m not really sure how you’ll do that,” Jackie taunted. To which Alicia promptly responded: “I’m a lawyer. Watch me.” Get it, girl!

Alicia sent Kalinda to investigate the home purchase, and she learned that Jackie got the money from Zach and Grace’s trust funds. But Alicia didn’t even have to use that information against her. Instead Peter stepped in and told Jackie if she wanted him to remain in her life, she couldn’t buy the house. She seemed to take it as well as any overbearing mother could. But shortly after Peter put his foot down, Jackie suffered a stroke. Off to the hospital she went, and while looking pretty sickly, Jackie ominously told Alicia “I forgive you.”

Meanwhile in court, Diane and Alicia were representing a young girl who had been charged with murder after a slumber camp killing. (The two other girls accused had different representation.) The original DNA evidence used against the girls was thrown out because of crime lab infractions, and the conviction was vacated. But the state’s attorney’s office decided to re-try the defendants, and offered them an Alford plea. The girls could take the plea, go free, and remain convicted felons for the rest of their lives. The other option was to decline the plea, not admit any guilt, but remain in jail. The girls would be able to sue and potentially take home a reward with the latter option.

Kalinda set out to find evidence to help their client make an informed decision about the plea deal. Through her investigation, she learned that the victim might have ridden a bicycle the night she was killed. That new information convinced Kalinda & Co. that only one of the girls — Megan, who wasn’t their client anyway — was guilty. And that essentially ended the procedural portion of the show, which was quite alright because Alicia was a bit distracted with other, much more important things. (More on this later.)

NEXT: Mike Kresteva reprises his role as the newest jerk in Alicia’s life…