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The Good Wife recap: Welcome Back to the Dark Side

Alicia defends Judge Cuesta, Cary returns to Lockhart Gardner, and Kalinda tries to convince Agent Delaney to drop her investigation 

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Good Wife
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The Good Wife

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There’s only one episode left of season 3 of The Good Wife. And I object! Clearly, we should leave the lawyering to the acting professionals. The honorable Judge Richard Cuesta (David Paymer) found himself in hot water after being put in the “penalty box.” Cuesta had led the prosecution on a murder trail 20 years ago. Recent DNA testing — which wasn’t available at the time — proved that the man Cuesta put behind bars was probably innocent. As a result, his 15-year judicial career was hanging in the balance. Cuesta reached out to Diane & Co. to represent him in the civil and criminal case. Incidentally, Cuesta hired Lockhart Gardner because of Will’s recent judicial bribery accusations. Funny how those things work.

As Kalinda began to look into the facts of the case, it became more and more evident that the man Cuesta sent to jail was, in fact, innocent. They had to bring in an outsider to preside over the inquiry: Enter small-town judge Murphy Wicks. Suffice it to say, it wasn’t so easy to revive the details of a case 20 years old. Testimonies were traded. Prejudicial evidence was left for the jury to find. And Cuesta wasn’t willing to incriminate his co-counsel, Lloyd.

Kalinda eventually reached out to Cuesta’s former investigator, Mara, and paid her a visit to see if Cuesta bent to rules to get a conviction. Mara pointed Kalinda to some neglected evidence, four purchases on the victim’s credit card after her death and the accused’s incarceration. But the meeting with Mara was probably most interesting because she offered Kalinda some unsolicited advice: “Get out while you can. Just don’t go into retail.” More on this later. But eventually, despite Cuesta’s original qualms, Alicia and Diane were able to place the blame on Lloyd, the co-counsel. It helped that Lloyd had an addiction to pain killers he failed to mention at the time. The inquiry ended, and perhaps so did David Paymer’s guest judgeship. He’ll no longer be able to preside over any Lockhart Gardner cases. Damn conflicts of interest!

NEXT: Cary returns to Lockhart Gardner!