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The Good Wife recap: 'The Good Wife' episode recap

Alicia takes on guest star Michael J. Fox while he defends the national hockey league; Diane juggles her job and two suitors 

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David M. Russell/CBS

The Good Wife

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Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth
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The employees of Lockhart Gardner are just like any other family. They may fight and bicker all the time, but at the end of the day, they still love each other. But when they don’t, it’s up to mom and dad — also know as Diane and Will — to keep the peace between all the children — also known as the equity partners. But with Papa Will still under suspension, peace keeping is certainly not an easy task. And with so much going on during last night’s “Gloves Come Off,” let’s jump right in.

As part of his suspension, Will is not allowed to practice the law or consult on any new cases. He can, however, consult on the background of his previous cases. Someone within the firm told the Bar Disciplinary Board Will was still working on cases. David “you call me an ethical midget” Lee pointed the blame at Eli Gold. And Eli politely returned the favor by blaming David Lee. Can’t we all just be adults? Nope. We never learned the true identity of the backstabber — although Kalinda’s got her ears peeled — but Will’s situation is only causing more dissension between the equity partners. Diane made it clear that any backstabbing should remain in-house. But it seems like the group of partners is a ticking time bomb. Mama Diane can only hold her unruly bunch together for so long.

But to play devil’s advocate here: Will has been walking a fine line when it comes to keeping the terms of his suspension. He is not consulting on cases, but let’s be honest, he really is. Yes, there are a lot of gray areas. He hasn’t technically done anything wrong at this point. Isn’t that all just semantics?

Anyway, the main case of the week had Alicia and Julius helping a client, Grant, sue the makers of a snowmobile for $5 million after his wife died following an accident. The steering column locked up on him, and he crashed the snowmobile into a tree. It seemed like it would be a simple case when Judge Rigby called both parties into the chambers for benched supervised negotiations. “You’re paying, Mr. Hines. By the evidence I’ve seen, you’re paying. The only question is, how much.” But nothing is ever that simple on a Sunday-night drama.

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