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The Good Wife recap: If There's (Not) a Will, There's a Way

The firm deals with Will’s absence, and Alicia and Caitlin take on Nancy Crozier

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The Goodwife
John P. Filo/CBS

The Good Wife

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43 minutes
Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth
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Off Air

It’s amazing what a little time off from work will do to you. We got to see Will, the “out-of-work loser” (Kalinda’s words, not mine), outside of the office living a law-free life. This new Will sleeps until 9, goes to the gym, doesn’t check his cellphone, only cries tears of joy and relaxation, is writing a book, and doesn’t wear shoes! And while it’s not the rock opera he joked about last week, there was even mention of a brother/sister music group. While this new, zen lifestyle might have changed Will’s day-to-day activities, some things stayed the same: his family annoys the crap out of him. (TV characters, they’re just like us!)

Will’s sisters, Aubrey (Merritt Wever) and Sara (Nadia Dajani), came into town hoping to convince him that he’s really not okay with his temporary job hiatus. They did everything in their power to get him to go out and find a new job and start dating again. They also worked hard to set him up with Kalinda, assuming that she was the work friend he was using his “sweet voice” on. This resulted in one of my favorite exchanges of the night, when Will asked Kalinda if she could get them arrested. Alas, there were no arrests.

Back at Lockhart Gardner, the equity partners were busy making power grabs. Julius, David Lee, and even Eli were making plays for Will’s office and his spot on the letterhead. “Lockhart Gold. Sounds almost regal doesn’t it?” Insensitive or not, this seemed to be the prime focus for all these guys. Who cares that Will had been gone less than a week? Fortunately, Diane made it clear she had no intention of replacing him. But it didn’t matter anyway, because Will’s sisters inadvertently pushed him right into the arms of the office. He’s not going to take his suspension lightly, nor is he going to let the equity partners push him out.

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