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The Good Wife recap: Live From Damascus

The firm takes on a class-action suit, and Will makes an important decision about his future with the firm

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Good Wife Damascus
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The Good Wife

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It’s been awhile since we were treated to an all-new episode of The Good Wife. But last night the show picked up exactly where it left off three weeks ago: Peter sent Wendy Scott-Carr on her way after the failed indictment. (Not without offering to validate her parking, of course. And no, that is not a euphemism for something else.) Once again Scott-Carr promised to take her knowledge to the Bar Association with the hopes of getting Will disbarred. So back we went to the Will’s-so-happy-he-didn’t-get-indicted party. Cary called to confirm that Peter & Co. were done coming after Will. And despite Cary’s not-so-congratulatory sounding voice, I hoped that Will would be out of hot water for good. This obviously meant something bad was coming.

The focus then shifted to the case of the week: a class-action lawsuit representing the families of three American protesters who were tortured and murdered in Syria. Viola Walsh (Rita Wilson) returned to head up the defense for client, Neil Gross, who was under fire for creating and selling his decryption software to the Syrian electronic army. The army that, in turn, used the software to find and arrest the protesters. Gross quickly pointed out that Lockhart and Gardner took on the case only because they represent his chief competitor, Patric Edelstein. But Will assured Walsh and Gross that it was, in fact, about the families and not the firm’s interest. Edelstein did make an appearance to ask Will to settle the case so he wouldn’t come out looking bad, too. But Will remained committed to the families, even though it had the potential to lose an important client.

Jonathan Groff joined the cast as Jimmy, the brother of one of the victims. The case seemed to be going in Will’s favor until Viola proved that Jimmy’s sister was actually still alive in Syria. Twist! Jimmy wanted to drop the suit, but the others in the class action were still in pursuit of justice. Kalinda utilized information from Samir, her contact in Syria, to help gather information for the case. It was clear from the beginning that his correspondence was risky, but it was still sad to see him unavailable at the end of the episode. We don’t know exactly what happened to him, but one can only assume that he didn’t meet a good fate. The good news is that Will managed to hit a home run with his last at bat (foreshadowing!), and Viola Walsh & Co. lost the class action suit.

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