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The Good Wife recap: Ham Sandwiches and Whipped Cream

Wendy Scott-Carr presents evidence to a Grand Jury in an attempt to indict Will

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Good Wife
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The Good Wife

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Oh, that Wendy Scott-Carr. How she irks my very last nerve! After all this season’s talk about the Grand Jury to take down William Paul (did we know his middle name was Paul?) Gardner, 16 citizens were finally summoned to decide Will’s fate. The Grand Jury would listen to the prosecution’s case and decide if there was probable cause to indict Will on felony bribery charges. Wendy’s case was presumably strong, and Will was looking at three to seven years. And since a Grand Jury would indict a ham sandwich, or in Elsbeth’s case a hamburger, things weren’t looking too good.

Diane informed Alicia of the expected indictment, and Mrs. Florrick headed straight to Peter’s office. I assumed she was going let Peter have it for going after Will. Instead, she rushed off without saying much of anything. She went to see Will, where she offered to help Elsbeth with her knowledge about the State’s Attorney. But then came the slew of negative testimonies that made Will look pretty bad. His only hope was for Peter, himself, to stop the Grand Jury. If anything in the case appeared that it might hurt Peter, too, he’d have to intervene and pull the plug. So they mentioned Peter whenever they could, hoping to connect him to any wrongdoings.

The mysterious McDermott case finally came into play. In the previous episode, we saw Kalinda hand the McDermott files over to Dana. It was supposedly the one area in which Will was most vulnerable. Diane was originally the lead on the case, but Will requested to take over after Judge Parks was assigned. But it wasn’t enough. Dana went back to Kalinda asking for even more intel on the McDermott case. Dana used the same bargaining chip: Give her the evidence they needed, and they wouldn’t prosecute Alicia for the David Lee-forged document. (Regardless of what happens with Will, I imagine Dana will keep this information just so she can continue to use it when she needs to.) It appeared that Kalinda complied again, but we all know how smart the show’s resident badass is.

Eventually, Alicia and Peter had a real conversation about the Grand Jury. She implored him to end the case, and he called her out for sleeping with Will. And in what was probably my favorite exchange of the night, Peter told Alicia that she was just manipulating the truth like a pro to which she promptly responded: “Well you would know about pros!” Burn! If it was just a battle of words, Alicia clearly would have won. But alas, Peter refused to stop the Grand Jury.

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