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The Flash recap: Season 3, Episode 4

Barry and Jesse Quick (finally) face off against Mirror Master and Top

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Katie Yu/The CW

The Flash

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With Captain Cold and Heat Wave somewhere in the time stream — and Pied Piper becoming a good guy — there’s a big hole in National City when it comes to Rogue. Thankfully, two metahumans make their highly anticipated debut in tonight’s episode to fill that gap. Shall we dive in?

Picking up where we left off last week, Joe shows the rest of Team Flash the Iron Heights footage to give them an idea of what they’re facing. Unfortunately, no one has any clue what to make of what Doctor Alchemy is seen doing in the video. To keep their mind off things, Barry and Jesse decide to do some training, which leads to one of my favorite lines of the show thus far: “Oh my god, I’ve become Oliver,” says Barry after explaining to Jesse the importance of thinking before acting.

This is a small point to make, but I really enjoy how we’re getting to see Barry in a bit of a mentorship role. Historically, The Flash doesn’t have nearly as many sidekicks as Batman, but I’ve still always thought of him as one of those heroes who’s always teaching and working with other speedsters. I’m glad the show is finding a way to incorporate the idea of Barry as a mentor, especially since it’s an important part of the DC Universe in general. Moreover, it’s also nice to see a positive mentor-mentee relationship — as opposed to the twisted ones between Barry and Eobard/Wells and Barry and Jay/Zoom.

Tonight’s episode finds several members of Team Flash dealing with relationship issues. First, there’s Barry and Iris, who are enjoying finally being together. However, Barry still feels kind of uncomfortable and gets weird whenever Joe is around. Iris doesn’t have time for his foolishness, telling Barry he needs to talk to Joe about their relationship — she doesn’t want to have to worry about kissing him in front of her father, which is a fair point. Then there’s Wally and Jesse, who’ve had some kind of connection since Jesse’s first visit to Earth Prime (that’s what we’re calling our Earth). Jesse wants to take their relationship to the next level, but Wally is hesitant.

The problem both Barry and Wally have is that they’re scared. For Barry, he can’t believe he has everything he’s ever wanted; however, that also means he has a lot to lose, so he’s being very cautious. That makes sense, I guess, but it also feels super contrived. This whole subplot with the couples actually gives me pause, because I’m definitely worried about this show falling into the same trap as Arrow and becoming too consumed by Iris and Barry’s relationship. Wally is scared of hanging out with Jesse because she lives on another Earth, which is slightly more reasonable. Thankfully, there’s a new (and long-awaited) metahuman in National City to distract us from the relationship stuff.

Three years ago — a.k.a. the night of the particle accelerator explosion, the gift that just keeps giving — criminal Sam Scudder and his partner in crime, Rosalind, got into a fight with Snart after they disobeyed one of his rules. (Yes, Wentworth Miller made a welcome return in tonight’s episode. I’ve missed his delightfully campy performance.) During the scuffle, Snart tossed Scudder into a mirror right as the accelerator exploded, and Scudder disappeared after being hit by the dark matter. Now, three years later, he finds a way to escape the mirror in which he was trapped and is out for revenge against Snart. Unfortunately, Snart’s nowhere to be found — he’s “off on a trip” — so Scudder decides to use his ability to travel between mirrors to break Rosalind out of prison and take control of National City’s criminal underworld.

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