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The Flash recap: Trajectory

A new speedster in town is wreaking havoc, but she incidentally helps Team Flash make a startling discovery

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Katie Yu/The CW

The Flash

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Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Candice Patton
The CW

Welcome back from break, speedsters. The Flash returns after its cliffhanger reveal that the man under the Zoom mask bore a familiar face to have Barry face off with yet another villainous speedster, but this one of an accidental making.

Barry has continued to work tirelessly on upping just how fast he can run, but it’s been putting strain on the entire Flash team. So, with some not-so-subtle suggestions, the group (including Harry’s daughter, Jesse, though she has a protective wristband on) heads out to the club for a night on the town.

Everything goes smoothly at first in a club that allows for surprisingly normal vocal levels of conversation (either the DJ is asleep at the wheel, the writers have never been to an actual club, or the team behind the camera decided it might be worth hearing what everyone had to say). Iris and Wally join the team, and everyone seems to be having a good time. This being The Flash, of course, means that “good time” is finite, and despite Cisco’s embarrassing dance moves and Barry and Iris’ loaded jokes about their married Earth-2 counterparts, the night eventually runs into trouble.

Another speedster rolls into the club, stealing every purse, wallet, and loose bill in sight, and despite Barry’s best attempts, he can’t catch this mysterious speed demon. He assumes the new person behind the mask (who knocks him off course in their next encounter, which is also when he discovers it’s not the presumed guy they think it is but in fact a woman) is a henchman of Zoom’s, but Caitlin reveals there’s another possible source for a person popping up with this power.

(ASIDE: Trajectory’s appearance and thefts are understandably assumed by some to be the work of the Flash, as he’s the only non-helmeted speedster the town knows. Among those wishing to smear his name is Iris’ editor at the paper, who demands she writes a story discrediting the scarlet speedster. She is obviously reticent, and so she attempts to talk her boss down from this crusade. The two hash this out over coffee, a meeting which he misconstrues for a date. This misunderstanding leads to an awkward end to the business meeting/faux date, but it’s most certainly not the end of Iris and Scott’s relationship, professional or otherwise. She eventually hands in her story, which proves the Flash is not the one at fault, and reveals to Scott that while she was surprised by his suggestion, she’s not opposed to the idea of a real date. But whatever romance lies ahead is for another week. END ASIDE)

Caitlin finally fills Barry in on Velocity 9 and its effects. Barry, of course, had no knowledge any of this experimentation was going on, but in order to manufacture more, Caitlin reveals she had help from a former co-worker at Mercury Labs. So she and Joe head out to visit Eliza Harmon, who greets the two with open arms.

Eliza offers no hidden agenda, no secret dark past, and so for now they take her at her word. (The meeting also offers perhaps the best meta moment of the episode when Eliza mentions how “law and order” Caitlin is being, right in front of Joe, a.k.a. former Law & Order actor Jesse L. Martin.)

But left to her own devices, Eliza reveals she is in fact the new runner, having reverse engineered some V-9. And she’s not alone. The drug has affected her to such a degree that Trajectory, her costumed persona, has a voice of its own, speaking to her and egging her on to consume more of the V-9.

Trajectory has essentially taken hold of Eliza, using the last vial of V-9 to recharge her powers (in a sequence cut like the fever dream of a junkie itching for a fix while trying to resist the urge). And Trajectory has a plan in mind to find more of the juice.

Trajectory breaks into S.T.A.R. Labs, throwing Barry into a metahuman tank (just as he’s grappled with the idea of using V-9 to get an edge on Zoom, only to smash the vial and decide he’s better off on his own) and holding the rest of the team at gunpoint.

She wants them to make more V-9 for her, and though they at first refuse, Harry is the one to break. When Trajectory threatens Jesse, her father cracks and immediately agrees to develop some more V-9 for her, which he and Caitlin do, and yet the menace in their midst remains suspicious the serum has been tampered with somehow.

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