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The Flash recap: 'The Man in the Yellow Suit'

Barry comes face to face with his mother’s killer, and Caitlin receives a blast from the past.

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The Flash
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The Flash

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“WHAT THE WHAT?!” is an apt descriptor of both this episode and the reaction to it after the episode-ending stinger. Before the episode stinger, the episode made sense. It was The Flash vs. The Man in the Yellow Suit, a.k.a Reverse Flash. Simple, right? But, then came the stinger: Wells enters his futuristic chamber of secrets, puts on a ring with a Flash-like lightning bolt on it, and uses it to open a secret closet inside his secret room that feels like it’s bursting with secrets. Inside the closet is a bloody yellow suit, because comics.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Like last week’s episode, tonight was all about the feels: Caitlin caught feels, Joe caught feels, Barry had a lot of feelings. There were multiple scenes in which you couldn’t have been faulted for at least shedding a tear. However, “The Man in the Yellow Suit” was also missing The Flash‘s sense of fun—which is okay. Actually, it’s more than okay because it was nice to see the show build upon the development that took place in last week’s episode of Arrow in which we found out that The Flash is more than capable of handling emotionally serious story lines. Shall we dive into tonight’s episode?

After opening with an unnecessary flashforward to Barry chasing Reverse Flash all around the city, we then jump back to a day before and find Joe and Barry decorating this year’s Christmas tree. For some reason, Iris can’t wait a few days and insists that she and Barry exchange presents right now. No surprise, Barry’s gift for Iris is thoughtful, loving, and speaks volumes as to how he feels about her. He got her a replica of her mother’s wedding band; Iris lost the original during a school field trip when they were younger (I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Barry actually used his superspeed to somehow find the original). And Iris got him what’s apparently the best microscope on the market because Barry likes science. Eddie shows up at the home and is a bit taken aback, and rightfully so, by Barry’s gift.

While Barry is sharing Grandma Esther’s alcohol-filled eggnog with the S.T.A.R. Labs team, his lease in the friend zone is being renewed as Eddie and Iris head to Jitters for coffee. You’d think that since she works there, Jitters would be the last place Iris would like to spend time with her boyfriend. And yet for some reason it isn’t. Anyway, Eddie uses the moment before he gives Iris her Christmas present to discuss Barry’s gift. He asks Iris if she ever suspected that Barry might like her more than just friends because, as he puts it,  “Friends don’t give friends wedding bands.” Iris quickly shoots down Eddie’s worries and says that they’re just friends because she’s figuratively the most naïve person in the world. (Again, Iris not knowing Barry is into her is the most unbelievable part of this show.) With his worries calmed, Eddie asks Iris to move in with him and she says yes.

Across town, Caitlin finds out that Ronnie’s still alive when she sees him creepily following her in an underground parking garage. She chases after him and has her mind blown when she sees him flame-on, Human Torch style.

Meanwhile, Reverse Flash pays Mercury Labs a visit looking to steal something. Not finding it, he kills several guards.

Barry, Joe, and Eddie show up to the murder scene at Mercury Labs, and Barry quickly deduces that the guards could only have been killed by someone moving super fast. Luckily for them, there’s a witness who describes seeing a blur in the lab, which excites Eddie, who’s the new leader of the Anti-Flash Task Force. While Eddie may not get the Flash-related break he needs, Barry does when he hears the witness say the blur looked like a man in the yellow suit. It’s at this moment that Joe reveals to Barry that he’s known that the man in the yellow suit was back in town for awhile because he paid him a visit. Naturally, Barry’s upset, but understands once Joe tells him that the guy threatened Iris’ life.

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