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The Flash recap: Rogue Air

The Flash is forced to ask Captain Cold for help with a problem, and Iris and Eddie discuss their relationship.

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Diyah Pera/The CW

The Flash

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The Flash and The Arrow (or whatever he’s calling himself these days) approach superheroing very differently, and we’ve known this since day one. Oliver Queen’s ethics are determined by the situations, the line between right and wrong is constantly blurred for him. The same can’t be said of Barry Allen, who is a goody-two-shoes through and through.

Tonight, Barry Allen takes a walk on the wild side and asks Leonard Snart, a.k.a Captain Cold, for help with a big problem. Barry Allen is no Oliver Queen. Working with and trusting a foe will almost definitely go wrong for him for him for many reasons—and it does.

“Rogue Air” boast a ton of guest-stars. Unfortunately, this turns out to be more of a curse than a blessing because the episode feels stuffed. Basically, so many guest-stars, so little time.

METAHUMANS OF THE WEEK: Deathbolt, Rainbow Raider, Peek-a-Boo, Weather Wizard, The Mist (with special appearances by Captain Cold and Golden Glider)

Not much has changed since last week. Everyone is still pretty torn up about Wells’ betrayal and Eddie’s disappearance, especially Barry who is growing more and more desperate as times goes. He knows he’s still not a match for Wells. Thankfully, Cisco makes some headway as to why. While examining Wells’ wheelchair, he found an arc reactor-looking device that appears to have been charging Wells up this entire time. This explains why he was faster than Barry.

Tonight, Wells finally reveals he’s been hiding in the particle accelerator when he reactivates it using his futuristic key thing. When Joe, Cisco, and Barry head down to check it out, Reverse Flash comes speeding out of the pipeline and Barry runs after him, leaving Cisco and Joe to handle a newly freed Peek-a-Boo—and by handle, I mean get their asses handed to them. Peek-a-Boo is about to take her anger out on Caitlin, one of her jailers and the one responsible for feeding the metahumans, when Iris shows up and knocks her out with a pipe. Meanwhile, Reverse Flash outruns Barry because we’re like five minutes into the episode.

Upon closer examination of the pipeline, they find a weakened Eddie tied to a chair and Wells’ futuristic key thing that appears to be charging the particle accelerator. Barry apologizes to Eddie for not finding him, which elicits this loaded response from Eddie: “Sometimes you can’t see the clues even if they’re right in front of you [looks at Iris and Barry].” While Iris takes Eddie home to recover, Cisco determines that the particle accelerator will be fully charged in about 36 hours.

Worried about what might happen if the accelerator comes on and the metahumans are still imprisoned inside, Team Flash decides they have to be moved. Barry suggests moving them to Oliver’s prison on Lian Yu, an idea that doesn’t sit well with Joe because they’re moving them from one illegal black site to another. Barry is unable to reach Oliver, but luckily, Lyla is willing to help arrange for a plane to transport the metahumans. Joe asks Cecile, his favorite D.A., to help clear a route for the transport, but she refuses because of the illegality of the entire situation. This leads to a reflective moment for Joe, who feels bad for all of the laws he’s broken while working with The Flash.

With the CCPD unable to provide back-up for the illegal prison transport, Barry turns to Leonard Snart for help. Desperation drives people to do stupid things and makes them believe they have no other choice. Barry convinces Snart to help by pointing out the danger the metahumans pose the city Snart loves to steal from so much. Naturally, Snart asks for something in return. Barry says he can’t deliver the first thing he requests, but we never find out what it is.

After some more reflection, Snart strolls into S.T.A.R. Labs—which is obviously less secure than my freshman year dorm—with his demands. Clearly inspired by Selina Kyle’s demands in The Dark Knight Rises, Snart requests that Barry erase any and all information on him in the world–digital and physical. Naturally, Joe has major problems with this arrangement because it’s stepping further over the line than he’s had to do up until now. But, there’s no talking Barry out of it.

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