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The Flash recap: Grodd Lives

After months of teasing, Gorilla Grodd makes his debut as the metahuman of the week.

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The Flash

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Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Candice Patton
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Gorilla Grodd! A pissed off Iris! Wells’ meta conversation with Eddie! Was there anything about tonight’s episode not to love? As the episode title suggests, “Grodd Lives” featured The Flash’s first confrontation with Wells and General Eiling’s science experiment gone wrong. The 100 previewed what a CGI gorilla on the CW might look like months ago (awesome), but Grodd’s beautiful rendering was still a sight to behold.

Metahuman of the Week: Gorilla Grodd

Move over Barry Allen, because tonight is all about Iris as she is the one monologuing at the beginning of tonight’s episode. I was hoping she’d slip in a Carrie Bradshaw-journalist-style, “And it got to me thinking,” but it never happened. Nonetheless, she did pose some questions that were definitely going to be answered in the episode: Would you confront your best friend after discovering he’s been keeping a “universe of secrets”? Or, would you stay silent? Either way, Iris concludes, nothing will be the same again—and, thank goodness for that.

By lying to Iris, Barry has not only damaged her trust in him, but also in his alter ego. She pays Barry a visit in his lab and “confesses” that the Flash told her to keep Eddie’s kidnapping a secret and promised to get him back. It’s really Iris’ way of giving Barry one more chance to be honest with her about his secret identity, but he fails. Candace Patton has several outstanding moments in tonight’s episode, but this first scene definitely stands out.

Barry has very little time to dwell on this conversation or the search for Eddie because there’s a masked man decked out in some Slade Wilson-level body armor attacking armored trucks carrying gold. (ASIDE: “It’s hard out here for an armored van driver.” END ASIDE). The Flash arrives on the scene of another attempted theft, but something attacks his mind and incapacitates him long enough for the man in the mask to get away. Barry returns to the lab and, as Caitlin and Cisco are checking him out, Iris casually strolls in and reveals that she knows about his secret.

The following scene has been 21 episodes in the making. Iris is clearly upset, and rightfully so. Her righteous anger increases when Barry lets slip that Wells in the Man in the Yellow Suit who kidnapped Eddie and that her father told him not to tell her. Surprise, the “we were trying to protect you” excuse doesn’t fly. In a later conversation, Joe uses the same excuse and Iris tells him what everyone watching the show (especially those who also watch Arrow and Smallville) have been thinking, “You know, that excuse is getting old.” (Amen!) Had she known she could’ve not only helped them, but also protected herself, Iris points out. (She also briefly brings up Joe not telling her about Barry’s feelings for her, but backs down from that one when Joe says that wasn’t his secret to tell). Unfortunately, their conversation is cut short because work calls.

Another shipment of gold heads out, and this time the CCPD is waiting in the back of the truck, an ice cream truck that is, for the man in the mask. The man in the mask shows up and is about to kill Joe when The Flash arrives and knocks him out. And, the man in the mask is none other than General Eiling. Well, kind of. After imprisoning him in the pipeline, Team Flash realizes that General Eiling isn’t home—his mind has been taken over by S.T.A.R. Labs’ old pet gorilla Grodd. “Eiling hurt me. I hurt Eiling…I. Am. Grodd. Fear. Me,” Grodd growls through Eiling’s mouth. Caitlin and Cisco deduce that the particle accelerator explosion must have enhanced the medicines Wells and Eiling gave Grodd and given him mind-control powers. Ever the detective, Joe suggests Wells must have sent Grodd as a distraction.

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