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The Crown finale recap: Season 1, Episode 10

Margaret and Peter are forced to break it off for good

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Alex Bailey/Netflix

The Crown

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Nancy Bilyeau

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In a flashback, we see Edward at the time of his abdication. His brother George is questioning him about the decision, asking if he loves Wallis Simpson more than his country, his family, and his own brother. “Yes,” Edward replies without hesitation. In a different flashback, we see George talking to his young daughters Elizabeth and Margaret. “I want you to promise me one thing,” he says. “That you will never put anyone or anything before one another. You are sisters. Above all else, you must never let one other down.” It seems like they have strayed from that promise, especially over Margaret’s relationship with Peter Townsend.

In the present, Margaret has turned 25, which means she can finally choose whom to marry. She announces to her family that after waiting two years, she still intends to marry Peter. But then, Elizabeth gets some bad news. Apparently there’s a second part to the Royal Marriages Act that nobody knew about until right now! Turning 25 only means that Margaret can give notice of her intention to marry. For her to actually marry, both houses of Parliament need to approve and then she has to wait another year. Seems suspicious that no one told her about this before, and so it makes sense when we learn that her private secretary Michael Adeane made this up. Elizabeth is being manipulated by the men in uniform officials once again, and it’s more screwed up than ever.

Margaret starts to talk about the wedding, and Elizabeth tries to get her to delay it, only saying that there’s a minor problem she needs to fix. Meanwhile, Elizabeth, The Queen Mother tells her daughter that she thinks Philip is taking out his frustrations on little Charles. Great, so he’s not a good husband, or a good father. She thinks Philip still hasn’t adjusted to palace life. Elizabeth defends him for some reason. Later, she asks him to go to Australia for the Olympics in her name, but Philip sees right through her proposed vacation. He knows he’s being sent away in hopes that he’ll get things together while away.

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