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The Challenge: Bloodlines recap: Bad Blood

The second week breaks up families and teases a huge twist

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Now we’re really in it. The Challenge: Bloodlines is underway and it’s already proving to be one of the most compelling Challenge seasons in years, even with contestants we still don’t really know. That’s because, like I said last week, there are real families at stake here.

As we see in tonight’s episode, literal bloodlines are tested, and for the first time in Challenge history (dun dun dun), we actually see someone cast off a family member for their MTV fam. We always knew these folks were close offscreen, but seeing Jenna rail on Brianna (more on that later) is rough. It’s also a reminder of how deep this cast’s internal relationships run and why the franchise has become one of the best competition shows on TV. There’s history.

Episode 2 carried with business as usual — secret hook ups, gross eating contest, etc. — but our indomitable host dropped a huge bomb at the end of “Bad Blood.” After this week’s losers were sent home, Lavin announced, “Let’s see how you’d do if you were pitted against each other.” Yep, the teams are switching up in episode 3. Sister vs. sister, twin vs. twin. It’s going down.

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But until then, we’ll continue ranking these teams in terms of screen time, maniacal behavior, and general insanity to determine the Bloodline Rankings. Let’s get at it.

1. Jenna and Brianna

Oh man. Watching Jenna and Brianna on tonight’s episode was like watching the devolution of a family. During the challenge portion of the episode, Jenna had her head inside the snake box and Brianna was picked to chew up the live bugs. But she didn’t. All those bugs stayed alive and in a confessional, she admitted, “I feel like this isn’t for me, and I wanna go home.” Although they came in last place, they were saved from the Pit because it was a guys week. But that didn’t stop them from destroying each other later.

After a night out at da club, the truth came out: Brianna really, really, really doesn’t want to be here. Some people aren’t made for reality TV. Some aren’t built for The Challenge, and that’s totally cool, unless you’re forced to be there by your cousin. As they fight at the house, both women bring out the deep, dark digs to claw at one another. Brianna wants to go home right now and calls Jenna selfish. “She doesn’t have her life together. I’m smarter than her.” Jenna fights back and claims Brianna’s boyfriend back home cheats on her. “She thinks you’re all idiots,” Jenna tells the rest of the cast before slamming her for having a job at her dad’s bakery. “If my dad wasn’t in jail, I’d have a set job, too,” she says. As they swap gnarly disses back and forth, Jenna says if Brianna leaves, she’ll never speak to her again. It’s clear Jenna has chosen her family, and it’s not Brianna.

But as the women wake up the next morning, Brianna says she’ll try to stick it out for Jenna. Therein lies the beauty of Bloodlines. Brianna and Jenna will still have to deal with each other when they go home, hell they’ll have to deal with each other for the rest of their lives. The Challenge could quite literally destroy a family.

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