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The Catch series premiere recap: The Pilot

Let’s embark on the twisty, who-can-you-trust adventures of Alice in Shondaland

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Richard Cartwright/ABC

The Catch

TV Show
Crime, Drama, Thriller
run date:
Mireille Enos, Peter Krause
Current Status:
In Season

We’ve got a new face in the #TGIT lineup, with the Shonda Rhimes-produced cat-and-mouse espionage drama The Catch taking over How To Get Away With Murder‘s 10 p.m. slot. In typical Shondaland fashion, the pilot is sleek, steamy, and packed with twists, so let’s dive in!

The series opens at a swanky art gallery party, and we follow a suave dude as he puts the moves on Mireille Enos (looking glammed up and amazing, an immediate departure from her gritty detective character from The Killing). Thinking Mireille Enos works for the gallery after seeing her key card, Suave Dude charms her into showing him some hidden masterpiece the gallery just got. The two of them stare at the painting of a sad lady in the embrace of a faceless man and start hardcore art critic flirting. Suave Dude throws out the line that will define the episode: “Just because it doesn’t last, doesn’t mean it isn’t love.”

By now it’s pretty easy to tell Suave Dude is actually a Suave Burglar, and he palms Mireille Enos’ key card and quietly leaves with the painting. Not on Mireille Enos’ watch! Just as he leaves, she punches him down and cuffs him, revealing herself to actually be private investigator Alice Vaughan, Shondaland’s newest heroine. And cue title sequence.

After the brief opening sequence, we find ourselves in Alice’s office, and now it’s time to actually set up this new batch of characters. We learn Alice is getting married soon, and her BFF, business partner, and self-titled “Best Woman” (really Maid of Honor) Val is having to force her to try out wedding cakes. C’mon, Alice — why are you running away from cake!? Over the cake tasting, we also meet Alice’s two employees, or The Catch‘s “Gladiators.” New-to-the-firm Sophie is introduced to be a by-the-book lawyer, contrasted by the more seasoned investigator Danny, who is partial to breaking the rules. Their head-butting is cut short when the group sets off to catch “Mr. X,” a man who’s been stealing from their clients after sending Alice emails saying, “Are you ready to play?” (which is also the show’s tagline).

Cut to the exact image of a mid-life crisis: Peter Krause exiting a Lamborghini as Pitbull plays in the background. Alice and crew are trying to find him in a crowd, but Krause uses a combination of dog calling, Asian schoolchildren, and costume changes to escape with the hard drive he had come to pick up.

Alice returns home to lament the botched arrest to her fiancé, who’s obscured while he takes a shower. Now get ready to gasp, because a big reveal is coming. Are you ready? When her hubby-to-be steps out of the shower, it’s revealed to be… Peter Krause! Okay, please take some time to catch your breath.

The next morning Alice visits her fiancé at work, and we find out his name is Christopher Hall because it’s literally plastered all over his office building. Alice and Chris are going Dutch on an expensive new house, and she signs a check over to him for $1.4 million like it’s nothing, then leaves as Chris’ boss, Margot, walks in. And then BAM: Margot orders Chris to break it off with Alice within the next day and plants a kiss on him, saying, “She’s had you all to herself for a year. I want you back. I miss you.” Chris’ love life is certainly thriving.

Chris gets the help of his friend and fellow con man Reggie to ghost Alice. They meet at a golf course to drive home the fact that they live the lifestyle of blue collar businessmen, and Reggie reveals Chris is actually named Ben.

Back to Alice — after Best Woman Val gets her excited about her wedding dress, she tries it on at home just as Chris/Ben walks in. Superstitious Alice hides behind a door, but can’t resist the Krause Kome-on™ when he murmurs, “Please let me see.” She walks toward him and he unzips the back, and — in case you forgot this was a Shondaland show — they begin having slow, moan-y sex, shown in vignettes of low-lit passionate touching and kissing.

The morning after, Chren (Chris/Ben) sits on their bedroom’s chaise lounge (because of course their bedroom has a chaise lounge) and watches Alice sleep. When Alice wakes up, it seems like Chren is actually going to choose to be Chris instead of Ben, asking Alice if she’ll elope with him and run away today. But Chren’s excitement quickly drains when Alice tells him “Once I catch this guy, I’m all yours.” Ben leaves Alice and Chris behind with a terse “Bye,” knowing he will have to disappear.

At work, Alice is distracted and tells her team that Chris wanted to elope. Apparently, all Alice needed was a push from Val because once her BFF tells her to go for it, she’s in her car driving home to run away with Chris. But it’s too late — all Chris’ stuff is gone.

NEXT: Chris becomes Ben, and Alice gets investigative