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April 20, 2017 AT 11:00 PM EDT

The Catch

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Crime, Drama, Thriller
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Mireille Enos, Peter Krause
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In Season
We gave it a C+

Ethan and Alice crash Nash’s press event, where they confront him with their evidence and present photos of Heather’s dead body for all the media to see. Later, a news report reveals Nash has been taken into police custody and the FBI is investigating. Oh, and Willy confessed that Nash paid him for the hit, which means AVI notches yet another win.

The team is celebrating with champagne when Alice gets a call from Ben. Though Ethan tells her to ignore it, she leaves the room to answer. They engage in some small talk while Alice makes eyes at Ethan from across the room and Ben smiles at his new family. The scene makes it clear the couple is drifting apart — even if they don’t know it yet.

We leave Alice just after she learns Ethan is engaged to someone named Gretchen. I’m super confused, seeing as how he asked her to start over at the top of the hour, but perhaps I misunderstood what he meant. What is perfectly clear, though, is Alice’s displeased reaction to the news. Dun dun duuuun.

An unorthodox family reunion

Ben’s story opens with his recently discovered daughter, Tessa, asking how her parents met and what drove them apart. When she learns he gave up his life of crime — and Margot — for a mark, she teases him for being too sentimental, but she does it in such a playful way that I start to like her a little more and resent her presence a little less.

The family bonding takes a turn when Ben finds out Tessa’s going to a birthday party, but little does he know that boys are the least of his concerns (guess he doesn’t know about her and Felix yet, huh?). As it turns out, Tessa’s not going to the party to make new friends: Margot’s sending her to plant mics at the home of Raymond Taggart, whose daughter, Arabella, is celebrating her sweet 16. Raymond took over Carl Mangels’ outfit when he and his wife, Galinda, got busted by the Feds awhile back. Some of Mangels’ guys aren’t happy with their new boss, so Margot wants to fold them into the Kensington firm in hopes of strengthening her U.S. operations. Though Ben “forbids” Tessa to get involved in the family business, Margot and Tessa laugh him off and leave anyway.

Armed with mics to position around the house and camera-equipped glasses so Margot can coach her through it, Tessa’s busy making the rounds as Ben shows up to take his daughter home. Being the teenager she is, Tessa pulls a guilt trip on daddy dearest about deserting her mum and threatens to make a scene if he doesn’t let her finish the job. Ben agrees, but Taggart finds Tessa planting a mic underneath his desk and blackmails Margot with a demand for $10 million to forgive her indiscretion and let her family go free.

Tied to their chairs and under the watchful eye of an armed guard, Ben starts to scold his daughter for her newbie con-artist ways. When Tessa fakes an asthma attack, Ben convinces the guard to give her the inhaler from his pocket and head-butts him as soon as he gets close. Now free, they have to figure out an escape plan — which is where Margot and Danny come in.

After her earlier request for a “peen pic” — which definitely deserves another mention — Margot recruited Danny for the afternoon, asking him to deliver a Jaguar to the Taggart home and tell Raymond his requested $10 million has arrived. One of Taggart’s lackeys brings the car to the garage, only to meet his end when he finds a gun-toting Margot hiding in the trunk. She shows up just in time to save Ben and Tessa but insists on responding to Taggart’s extortion attempt before they make their exit.

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