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April 06, 2017 AT 11:00 PM EDT

The Catch

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Mother-daughter angst, an almost-fourgy, and a big reveal sure to change Ben and Alice’s relationship all take center stage in tonight’s episode of The Catch. But before I get to recapping “The Bad Girl,” can I just say how refreshing I find Rhys’ obvious bisexuality — especially since the show doesn’t feel the need to label the character or otherwise explain his interest in men and women alike? Rhys’ sexuality doesn’t define him, nor is it linked to his moral ambiguity (that’s mostly due to his chosen criminal profession and otherwise questionable values). It’s just one aspect of how he’s portrayed — and one of many qualities that make him one of the most interesting characters on the show.

Okay, I’m off my soapbox (for now). Let’s break down what happened at the midway point of The Catch‘s second season, shall we?

All in the family

The first person to get tied up this episode is Tessa Riley, the mysterious girl who last week claimed to be Margot’s long-lost daughter. Here’s the scoop: She’s 15 and hasn’t seen her adoptive parents, Steven and Susan, in more than a year. Apparently, said adoptive parents were “desperate to curry favor” with the Kensington firm — so when Sybil approached them with Margot’s infant daughter, they were more than happy to provide a solution… in cash. Yep, Sybil sold her own granddaughter. That’s got to be a new low, right?

Anyway, Tessa’s been on the run since she was expelled from school for threatening to blow it up. Margot doubts the girl is telling the truth but pretends to comfort her so she can get close enough to rip a few hairs from Tessa’s head, with which she instructs Alice to get a DNA test.

Almost immediately, Alice thinks Ben could be Tessa’s father. Her instincts are right, of course, but more on that later. For now, Sophie’s snooping around in the girl’s burner phone to see who she’s working with — there’s no way she could concoct this entire assassination plot on her own, right? Their suspicions are corroborated when Tessa gets a cryptic text: “Initiating phase two. Going dark. Rendezvous as planned.” Yep, even though Tessa’s all tied up, Margot’s life is still in danger.

Speaking of Margot, she pays a visit to her own mum behind bars. She wants to know what her mother — who’s being extradited to England the following day — did with her baby all those years ago. Sybil quickly ‘fesses up to selling Tessa to a “perfectly boring couple in Sheffield,” and she doesn’t seem too remorseful about it, either. “You made the right decision, you know,” she tells Margot. “Giving her up. Parenting’s a cruel business; you’d never have stomached it.” Ouch. Talk about mummy dearest.

Meanwhile, Sophie tracks Tessa’s burner phone to a store in Burbank. It was purchased by a Felix McCall, one of Margot’s lieutenants at the Kensington firm who just so happens to be an expert in firearms, tactical assaults, and demolitions. In other words, he’s a bomb-maker, which makes it even more imperative to find him immediately.

A quick chat with Tessa confirms she’s partnered up with Felix — in more than one way. Margot’s maternal instincts kick in as she hilariously threatens to kill (or castrate first, then kill) the man who deflowered her 15-year-old daughter. But when she and Danny look for Felix at his apartment, they discovered he’s wired the door with enough C-4 to level the entire building. Uh-oh.

Margot’s fleeting protectiveness disappears as she returns to the AVI offices and points a gun at her daughter’s head, claiming she’ll count to three and shoot unless Tessa tells her where to find Felix. She stops after two, seemingly unable to end the life of her little girl. Did anyone else have a fleeting thought that she might actually do it?

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