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The Catch finale recap: The Happy Couple / The Wedding

Wedding bells, murderous mothers, and handcuffs

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ABC/Kelsey McNeal

The Catch

TV Show
Crime, Drama, Thriller
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Mireille Enos, Peter Krause
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In Season

The twisty first season of The Catch has come to an end with a super-sized two-hour finale, and though we finally got closure on some things, we’re still left with a lot of questions! There’s so much to get through, so let’s jump in right away.

The finale picks up right where the last episode left off — Agent Dao explains to Alice that Ben has agreed to work with them as an undercover informant, and he gets his first task right away once he receives a text from Rhys to meet for dinner. Well, actually the text was from Sybil, Rhys and Margot’s mother, who’s sent similar texts to her two children, as well. Over the most threatening family dinner ever, Sybil demands that Margot give her the counterfeiter Leah Wells, and Margot shoots back that she wants control of the Kensington Firm. “You will give me what’s mine, or I’ll take it from you,” both women menace at one another. All the while, Rhys and Ben just sit on the sidelines — clearly it’s the women, not Rhys, who are running things in this crime syndicate, as if there was any question of that.

Later, Alice has an encounter of her own with Margot. Still under the assumption that Margot is her therapist, she begins to tell her about her doubts in Ben, until a sparkle catches her eye, that is. Alice sees the necklace that Princess Zara gave to Ben (remember that from like 5 episodes back?) and, like the good investigator she is, immediately puts two and two together. She tells Ben, Dao, and Val that she knows Margot has been masquerading as her therapist, and Val captures her bestie’s fire perfectly: “This bitch is going down.”

Seeing the anger in Alice causes Ben to protect the one person he probably cares most about within the firm: Reggie. He gives his partner a stack of money and asks him to leave town and protect himself, warning him that the Kensington Firm is going down very soon. Seeing as Reggie’s already hopped town when things were getting dicey earlier this season, you’d think he’s listen to Ben, right? Well…he doesn’t. Instead, he tells Margot that Ben’s working against the firm! (Why, Reggie, why!?) Margot, livid at her mom and Rhys, is forming her own little crime group with Leah and invites Reggie into the fold, as well.

Meanwhile, the other group of criminals is planning their big con. Sybil informs Ben and Rhys that their mission is to get invited to a major wedding that promises to be the social event of the season, but she won’t tell them why. Of course, charming people is Ben’s MO, and all it takes is a well-tailored tuxedo and the offer of a rehearsal dinner venue for the con man to butter up the groom, Morgan (who’s played by Zachary Knighton, for all you Happy Endings fans out there — yup, he’s making his first appearance on this ABC show with a wedding, as well.)

Ben and Rhys take Morgan and his bride-to-be, Stephanie, to the Weatherby restaurant to try the place out for the rehearsal dinner. While eating, Morgan and Stephanie assume that their new friends are a gay couple, and before straight-laced Ben can correct them, Rhys goes along with it, saying that they’ve been together for 15 years and the secret to their happiness is not remaining monogamous. In all the fun Rhys is having torturing Ben, he takes it a bit too far, and his criticisms of marriage convince Morgan and Stephanie to call off the wedding.

Speaking of having fun at someone’s expense, now that Alice is aware of who Margot really is, she decides to use her next therapy session to really ruffle her feathers. The investigator tells her therapist of “Ben’s partner,” saying that “he couldn’t stand the touch of her,” “she repulsed him,” and the most insulting to Margot, that “he would’ve left her years ago, but she’s so fragile.” While Margot suppresses the urge to scream or kill someone or most likely both, Alice slips a tracking device into the faux-therapist’s purse.

NEXT: “It’s a prison break, darling.”