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The Catch recap: The Ringer

All bets are off

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ABC/Mitch Haaseth

The Catch

TV Show
Crime, Drama, Thriller
run date:
Mireille Enos, Peter Krause
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In Season

Alice is taking a stand with Ben, Rhys is making moves, and Reggie is finally back! Oh, and let’s not forget that casino night con. Let’s get right into this high-stakes episode of The Catch.

For the first time since the pilot, Alice is waking up after a — ahem — very active night with Ben, with her lover still in the bed next to her. Now that they finally know almost everything about each other, including their real names, Ben asks again if Alice wants to run away with him, but she shuts it down. Well, she shuts it down after one “last time” having sex, that is. (Why do I doubt this will actually be their last time between the sheets?)

But Alice and Ben aren’t the only ones getting it on. Val and Dao wake up after their night together with some very different thoughts on what had happened. Dao caught feelings and asks Val to have dinner with him later that night, but Val laughs him off and firmly states, “This was rebound sex.” I don’t know, Val…

In the crime hotel (we actually later in this episode find out it’s called the Weatherby Hotel, but crime hotel feels more descriptive), Rhys is putting his new knowledge of Ben’s complicated love interest to the ultimate surveillance test by Googling “Alice Vaughan photo” as if the Images tab didn’t exist. Ben walks in, and Rhys tells him about a new con he’s worked up: a young, rich wine baron who loves to gamble is coming to the hotel, and Rhys wants to trick him out of a ton of cash. Margot and Ben agree to help with the con but only if Margot is allowed to take the lead, which Rhys reluctantly agrees to.

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Now let’s get to our case of the week. Divorced video game tycoon Vincent Singh asks Anderson, Vaughan, & Associates to help him find his missing son, Joey. Apparently, Joey ran away because he rarely sees his mother, Karen, as Vincent was given sole custody after Karen’s bipolar disorder was judged to be potentially dangerous. Super sleuths Danny and Sophie discover Joey was taken by a pair of kidnappers but then also find out that Karen was the one telling Joey and the kidnappers to meet up through a series of Snapchats. (Danny/Sophie sidenote: we also get a probably meaningful glimpse into Sophie’s backstory when she tells Danny she never had “a home to run away from.”)

Karen comes into the offices and admits to Alice and Val that she orchestrated Joey’s escape from Vincent but justifies it by saying Vincent didn’t care for Joey and that he bribed court witnesses to make her bipolar disorder sound more dangerous than it actually is. The team discovers that Karen was using the Protective Parents Network to try to get Joey an illegal new identity, and Alice decides to use Ben to help her discover Joey’s new name. Ben pulls through, and Val and Alice bring Joey into the office along with Vincent, whom they’ve realized really had bribed legal witnesses to maintain custody. They threaten to reveal the illegal activity unless Vincent signs custody of Joey over to Karen’s sister and recant his allegations against Karen, which he agrees to with a frustrated sigh.

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