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The Catch recap: The Benefactor

Brothers suck

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Richard Cartwright/ABC

The Catch

TV Show
Crime, Drama, Thriller
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Mireille Enos, Peter Krause
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In Season

It’s finally that time Catch fans — after five episodes of talking about the mysterious “Benefactor” who has been pulling Margot and Ben’s strings all this time, we get to meet him at last. And he doesn’t seem all that scary…at first. Ben and Margot walk in on the Benefactor having sex with Felicity in her hotel room, but Rhys (the Benefactor’s name, as we learn) is much more excited to see Ben than to keep having sex. Rhys giddily screams “Benji!” when he notices him and runs over for a naked hug and kiss, then turning to greet Margot, as well, who we find out is his sister!

Now that the bigwig Benefactor is in town, Ben really needs to get back that bracelet he stole last week, which Alice in turn stole from him. He calls Alice in a panic to meet him and return the bracelet, and in the ice-cold manner of a powerful woman who finally has the upper hand over her con man ex, she commits to nothing and remains unfazed at Ben’s fears for his life and hers.

Over to that other complicated romance: Danny dejectedly watches Agent Shawn and Sophie flirting it up in front of him, but actually they are talking about a new case they want his help with. Turns out, Shawn’s old Army buddy, Poussey from Orange Is the New Black (her actual character name is Nia), is receiving death threats due to the fact that she’s the first woman to be a part of the Army’s elite special ops unit of Rangers. Anderson, Vaughan, and Associates takes the case, and Danny has his first lead with First Lt. Evan Connors.

Back to the Benefactor. Ben buys some time in handing over the bracelet by coming up with the excuse that he’s hidden it so other criminals couldn’t nab it from him. Over breakfast, as Margot subtly shades her lover Felicity for sleeping with her brother, Rhys reveals that their mother actually sent him to make peace with Margot, but that could totally be a lie. After the meal, Ben and Margot argue over whether to trust Rhys. Apparently, Ben and Rhys used to be partners before Ben and Margot, and she’s worried that with him back in the picture she’ll disappear. She makes Ben promise to stick together with her against Rhys.

Meanwhile, Anderson, Vaughan, and Associates is getting its own unwanted guest. Agent Dao drops by to tell Alice “Hey, sorry about bugging your house” (I’m paraphrasing) and also to let Val and Alice know that Ben has stolen the expensive Larágan bracelet. Given that Alice is currently wearing said bracelet, it’s not exactly news to her — she stealthily slips it into her pocket and uses her anger at him as a means to storm off.

On her way to return the bracelet to the Larágan Consulate, Alice is held up by two gunmen from the Shive criminal group. Don’t forget that Alice can take care of herself! Unarmed, she manages to take them both down, but as Ben drives up to help her, one of the gunmen gets the better of Alice and drives off with the bracelet. Now that she’s already kicked some ass as a part of this mission, Alice wants in on helping Ben get the bracelet back and plans to use Agent Dao to do it.

Things aren’t so clear for our scheming siblings, Margot and Rhys. Staking their claim as the Lannisters of The Catch, Margot seduces Felicity to get information about why Rhys really wants the bracelet, and later Rhys and Margot laugh over his failed attempts to keep Ben loyal by making some advances of his own: “He is rather straight, isn’t he?” Of course, all they both want is power. As we learn, Margot was expecting to take over the crime syndicate after her father died, but solely due to the fact that she’s a woman, that position was given to Rhys instead.

And let’s just keep that misogyny rolling — Nia decides to crash Danny’s stakeout on death threat suspect Evan at a bar and confronts him head-on about. He wishes he’d threatened her because he just hates women basically. And though Evan is a huge jerk, he didn’t send Nia the death threats. Danny still punches him out because Evan is a woman-hating piece of s—. Oh also, Nia’s brother Brian is just randomly in the scene too for no reason… Wonder if he’s going to be a part of this story at all?

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