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The Catch recap: The Trial

Alice drinks some trippy juice

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Richard Cartwright/ABC

The Catch

TV Show
Crime, Drama, Thriller
run date:
Mireille Enos, Peter Krause
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In Season

Welcome to this week’s episode of How to Kinda Get Away with Conning Your Fiancée. This week, Agent Dao revealed a startling secret about Ben’s past, Alice helped out an MS patient in a malpractice suit, and Ben got closer to Princess Zara, but only as friends, since he also takes his Alice-fawning up a level. Let’s break it all down.

At the start of the episode, Ben (who is actually Michael Thorne now, remember?) is butting heads with Princess Zara’s bodyguard/guardian/handler/I-don’t-really-know-what-he-is Qasim. Michael is trying to get close to the princess in order to help his gang pull of their con, but Qasim is clearly suspicious of him. He doesn’t hide those suspicions very well — Qasim and his group of bodyguards break into Ben/Michael’s apartment, and Qasim basically straight-up tells him that he doesn’t think he is actually Michael Thorne and that he’s on to him.

So, you can now add Qasim to the list of people who are on Ben’s trail, along with both Alice (of course) and Agent Jules Dao, who was listening in on Alice’s calls and now knows Ben is using the name Michael Thorne, as well. Basically, everyone but Ben and his two con man homies is after Ben, got it?

On to our case-of-the-week: Alice and Co. are going to help find evidence to substantiate a malpractice suit against a pharmaceutical company that ran questionable MS drug trials. (That was a lot of big words). The real juicy part, though, is that it’s Val’s sister-in-law who is filing the suit, and Val isn’t exactly her husband’s biggest fan right now — she filed for a divorce from him, and he hasn’t signed the papers yet. Despite the spousal awkwardness, Val and Alice take on the assignment.

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But of course, there’s got to be some other major thing going on, right? Agent Dao stops Alice at her office and tells her that Ben (to them he’s still Chris) has killed someone in his past. Dao shows Alice photos of a woman named Natalie who had been shot in the back and tells her that Chris was the one who shot her. Being the super sleuth/romantic-at-heart that she is, Alice picks up that Dao was in love with Natalie but still doesn’t agree to work with him just yet.

For their big con, Ben as Michael poses as a realty investor who goes up against Qasim to bid on a set of large towers. At the auction, Margot (posing as another investor) is able to use Qasim’s hatred of Michael to get him to invest right away. But later, the con men discover that Qasim has actually conned them, by using only a fraction of Princess Zara’s investment money to to pay the holding fee and pocketing the difference. They come up with a plan to tell Princess Zara that Qasim has stolen from her, which works and she sends her bodyguard/whatever-he-is packing.

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