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The Catch recap: The Real Killer

Our first case-of-the-week and con-of-the-week unfold

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John Fleenor/ABC

The Catch

TV Show
Crime, Drama, Thriller
run date:
Mireille Enos, Peter Krause
Current Status:
In Season

Now that we’ve learned all about Alice Vaughan’s investigative agency and her con man ex-fiancé from the pilot of The Catch last week, it’s time to start getting into a groove with this show. Alice’s team of good guys gets their first case-of-the-week courtesy of a possibly murderous former male model, and Ben’s group of baddies have their first con-of-the-week tricking some visiting royalty out of some cash. So how well did The Catch transition from pilot to serial crime drama? Let’s break it down.

The episode starts off with Alice dreaming about her first date with Ben, and now she’s noticing the red flags (he straight up tells her he takes money from people for a living). She wakes up and tells Sophie — the lawyer-hacker girl who works for her, remember? — about that mega-rare masterpiece Ben stole for her at the end of last episode, invoking client-attorney confidentiality to keep the issue between the two of them. When Alice goes to see if the gallery is freaking out over a priceless work of art going missing, sh’es shocked to see it still hanging on the gallery wall. Whaaa??

Over to Ben and his thieving buds Reggie and Margot, who’ve been reduced to pickpocketing jewelry store customers now that hacker Sophie has drained all their funds. Margot wants to send Ben to Shanghai now that Alice’s team knows his face, but Ben wants to stay in L.A. Instead of going to the airport, Ben decides to gaze longingly at Alice from across the street instead, where he and Reggie notice her talking to that Interpol agent Jules Dao. Ben is all too happy to discover he’s being tailed by the authorities because he can use it as an excuse to stay in L.A. near Alice, admitting to Reggie that he truly does love her (glad that’s cleared up).

Anyway, let’s move on to our case-of-the-week: Alice and her team need to find out who killed a wealthy older woman named Edith. Alice believes it was her much younger ex-husband Jeffery Bloom, even though he has recently been acquitted of the crime due to insufficient evidence. But as the team digs into the case more and more, it seems to become obvious that Edith’s frivolous, partyboy son Payton must have killed his mom because he was angry that she would marry someone his own age.

And now the con-of-the-week: Margot and Reggie have their sights set on the fortune of a visiting Middle Eastern royal. While they pose as an investor and a real estate agent to try to hustle money out of him, Ben woos the former general’s daughter, the princess. Apparently, Ben’s signature move is pulling up in a fancy car, as he’s done it in every episode thus far. He whisks her away and they get low-key flirty on a walk by the beach.

In the middle of all this, Alice and Sophie are still trying to figure out what’s going on with this double painting sitch. Sophie figures out how to tell if Alice’s painting is the real deal or a forgery, and they discover that the masterpiece in her possession is indeed the priceless original. Ben sure knows how to give a gift!

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