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The Carrie Diaries recap: Dancing On My Own

Carrie goes to the school dance with George while her Dad and Dorrit head to The Nutcracker

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The Carrie Diaries
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The Carrie Diaries

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Much like the Academy Awards last night, the latest hour of The Carrie Diaries was awash in party dresses, sequins and horny dudes in limousines. But the main difference was that Diaries’ more formal dress code and increased libidos was due to the winter dance.

So I was really loving Carrie’s new boyfriend George. He seemed sweet. He had Lisa Rinna-size lips. He had swoopy hair. He brought her hot chocolate. So I didn’t really understand why Carrie was so hesitant to invite him to the school dance. Clearly she still has some issues with her other big-haired crush Sebastian. I was thinking these three make a really hairy love triangle. Like that’s a high maintenance love triangle. Probably a good deal of their bathroom counter space would be pomades and hairsprays of various sorts. But I digress…

The dance brought out other romantic issues. For one, Walt came down with the “chicken pox” and couldn’t go with Maggie. Oh Walt. You’re gonna have to come up with some better gay excuses. Maybe “I pulled a groin muscle in gym class” or “I’ve recently discovered religion.” And then Mouse was all stressed out because her relationship with Seth was causing her grades to suffer…”suffer” meaning she got a B+ on a test. So she basically had to do another assignment for extra credit and get it in by 8 p.m. the same night of the dance.

So Carrie eventually decided to ask George once she found out that Sebastian and Donna were going together. Carrie’s dress looked like something styled by Oksana Baiul. I had real mixed emotions about this one. It was a lil’ too frilly for me. Frankly, I’m surprised she didn’t do a sweater dress. Young Carrie Bradshaw loves a sweater! But I did enjoy Maggie’s dress, which genuinely surprised me.  Also, I loved Maggie’s dance moves. That lady can move, ’80s style!

So as soon as they get to the dance, Mouse disappears to finish her extra credit. George and Carrie dance and drink some spiked punch but they keep running into Sebastian and Donna and it’s all very dramatic. This is high school after all. Carrie finally asks George if he wants to get outta here and go somewhere else. That ends up being his limo where George gets a lil’ aggressive in terms of the heavy petting. He gets upset when Carrie says she won’t have sex with him but then appears understanding when she explains she’s a virgin. But then he got all gross frat boy and basically asked her to “just take care of me.” Um bye George!!! See ya nevs. Carrie clearly would not stand for that and stormed out.

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