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The Blacklist

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Soon, we see Edwards at her husband’s grave telling him, “There was a story in the news today about an outbreak. I think you’ll like it.” To which I say: Whyyyyyy?

The answer to that question becomes clear to the audience very quickly; unfortunately our trained FBI agents need a little extra time to figure it out and drag out the plot, bringing about the episode’s only major weak spot. There’s just…no way they wouldn’t figure out that Edwards is trying to avenge her husband’s death as soon as all the pieces start falling together. But at least those pieces are interesting, and I always love when we get to see Aram in the field.

See, while the CDC director who’s coordinating with the Post Office on this case is explaining the pathogen Edwards created, the entire CDC computer network crashes. “It seems like the biological virus is now infecting our entire network,” she says, which got a nice little scoff out of me because…that’s absurd. But it seems that she’s right. As Aram explains to Cooper, code is created with ones and zeros, and the human genome can be manipulated to contain malicious code within it. So, when the infected DNA from the victims was analyzed and uploaded to the CDC’s network, a computer virus was lurking inside it. That is so nuts, and so far outside of my realm of expertise, I couldn’t possibly counter it; so I will simply stand in awe of it.

Edwards’ very purpose for the outbreak was to hijack the CDC’s server, but the only way for Aram to see what she’s doing with it is to access the server farm, which just so happens to be…inside the quarantine zone. Which explains why Edwards would have caused an outbreak and then offered the cure for it: she didn’t want anyone to die, she just needed to make that server farm inaccessible. Luckily, our Aram is a brave little soldier: he suits up in a hazmat with a 20-minute oxygen supply, only makes one joke about having to pee, and heads into the eerily deserted streets of lower Manhattan to very quickly figure out what Edwards is up to inside the CDC server…

He finds that she’s not looking for something, she’s looking for someone — using the CDC server to then access the DOD server, and run some kind of search with a DNA sample. Given her backstory, that’s when it becomes pretty clear she would be looking for the man who killed her husband under suspicious circumstances. But perhaps the Post Office doesn’t make that immediate connection because they’re also busy trying to help Liz out. Now that she’s teamed up with Singleton, they come up with a solid plan to lure out whoever is providing insider info to Tom’s killer. Singleton drops to his intra-departmental team investigating Tom’s murder that by trailing Liz he found out the FBI is cutting a deal with Bobby Navarro (you know, the guy Lizzie murdered a while back), and tells them when and where that’s taking place.

The person who shows up isn’t any of the law enforcement officers from Singleton’s team, but he is on the phone reporting back to someone, and Singleton and Liz are able to trace the burner number. Once Liz gives Aram the trace, he geo-locates it to an address — an address that just so happens to be the office Singleton is standing in with his entire team when Liz gives it to him. So Liz calls the burner phone, and Singleton follows the vibrating…into Ian Garvey’s office. Garvey finds him there seconds later, and it’s a tribute to Jonny Coyne’s performance the can somehow make Garvey seem intimidating to the much larger Singleton (whose earnest performance from Evan Parke I’ve also loved). Garvey references the daughters Singleton has in Orlando that we heard him telling Liz about earlier: “You can open your mouth, but the thing is, whatever happened to me, I got people…a lot of people.” (Recap continues on next page)

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