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The Big Bang Theory recap: The Perspiration Implementation

My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

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The Big Bang Theory

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I always enjoy when an episode of The Big Bang Theory revolves around our four favorite scientists discovering something new together. Having Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj adopt an extracurricular physical activity was extremely entertaining. Other than kite fighting, I don’t think we’ve seen the friends engage in anything that made them sweat. It’s high time they add “athlete” to their list of accomplishments.

Leonard enthusiastically lists off all of the sporting activities available to them as employees of Caltech. It’s decided that fencing is the obvious choice. No one has to throw, catch, run, or use sunscreen. And they don’t have to wear gym shorts that could suddenly be pulled up or down. 

Barry Kripke is the fencing instructor who warns them that “fencing is sewious.” There will be no Star Wars, Game of Thrones, or Princess Bride reenactments. He teaches the guys the basic steps, instructing them to use their dominant leg. When Sheldon questions if he has a dominant leg (they are both pretty submissive in his mind), Wolowitz asks him which leg he uses to flush the toilet in a public bathroom? That’s your dominant leg. Hey look! I learned something! Let’s hear it for the lefties! 

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When Kripke takes a break from walking the guys through a series of basic drills to answer a phone call, all four students bust out a nerdy version of the famous sword-fighting scene from The Princess Bride while his head is turned. Everyone is Inigo Montoya and wants their fencing partner to prepare to die for killing their father. Once Kripke ends his phone call, the guys channel their inner Westley and return to an “as you wish” posture for the remainder of the lesson.  

Sheldon admits to Leonard that he’s looking forward to learning how to properly glove slap a face in case he has to challenge someone to a duel one day. Even though he convinces Sheldon that he does not need to defend his honor to the woman who gave him a prostate exam, Leonard is proud of his roommate for no longer fixating on Amy. Kripke perks up at the news that Sheldon and Amy are no longer together. Leonard gently warms Sheldon that Kripke may ask Amy out on a date. Cue the glove slap. 

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