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The Big Bang Theory recap: The Separation Oscillation

Sheldon tries to make flags fun without Amy.

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The Big Bang Theory

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Chuck Lorre

Even though The Big Bang Theory focused on patching up the rocky beginning of Leonard and Penny’s marriage, I couldn’t help but think about how life often imitates art as I watched the show. The entire episode revolved around Leonard trying to figure out a way to fix a broken relationship. With the abrupt news of Kaley Cuoco’s split from her husband last week, a tiny part of me wondered if there’s hope for reconciliation with her real life ex-boyfriend Johnny Galecki? Of course the appropriate amount of time needs to pass before firing up the old flame, but a girl can dream.

Speaking of flames, how hot was that kiss between Sheldon and Penny? I might have stood up and cheered when it happened. After nine seasons of watching Jim Parsons brilliantly channel Sheldon’s awkward characteristics, it caught me off guard when he grabbed Penny like a boss and kissed her like he meant it. Let the record show that Jim has major skills.

Allow me to explain. Sheldon thinks that the only solution to Leonard’s problem is an eye-for-an-eye theory. Leonard’s lips had a dalliance with another woman, so Penny needs to do the same. Since Sheldon is single, he volunteers his services and his tongue. Penny responds by wrapping her arms around his neck and her leg around his waist.

And then Leonard wakes up.

Leonard’s not the only one reeling in relationship drama. Amy has asked Sheldon for space so she can get over their breakup. This bothers Sheldon because Amy isn’t considering the child they reared together: Fun With Flags. Amy explains to Sheldon that he has to give her space. She will no longer be co-hosting the mildly successful (in certain obscure circles) Internet show.

Sheldon searches the apartment for some of Amy’s possessions. Although he didn’t find any of her hidden pajamas, he did score a scarf and one of Penny’s bras, which were thrown in a box for the ritualistic gesture of returning the girlfriend’s belongings. He knocks only once so she’ll answer. She throws Penny’s 34C back in his face and slams the door. It’s time for Plan B.

Meanwhile, Koothrappali is irritated that Howard knew all along that Leonard kissed another woman and never told him. On the other hand, Bernadette is upset that Howard DID tell her and she’s had to keep it from Penny for two years. I suspect that this little fact will come back to haunt her in upcoming episodes.

Back at Leonard’s apartment, Sheldon once again doles out advice. He thinks that Leonard should take Penny to work with him so she can meet Leonard’s make out buddy face-to-face. The next day, Leonard approaches Mandy Chow (Melissa Tang) in the cafeteria to talk about their time in the North Sea. Leonard puzzles through his commitment issues, realizing that he subconsciously sabotaged his relationship because he was sure that Penny would never see him as a viable candidate for husband material. Cue the light bulb over his head.

Leonard rushes to Penny to tell her that some days he still feels like he doesn’t deserve her. Penny admits that she often wonders if Leonard is going to leave her for someone with a higher IQ. Leonard reminds Penny that he has loved her from the minute they met. They decide to stop being scared and start consummating the marriage. I decided that Johnny and Kaley should go on at least one or two dates in 2016.

Sheldon decides to attack Amy’s character on Fun With Flags with a scathing episode that features flags from countries that have been torn apart and the women with whom Sheldon feels were responsible. (I’ll pause so you can digest that sentence.) Later Amy barges through the apartment, furious that Sheldon compared her genitalia to parts of Czechoslovakia and demands he remove the episode’s digital footprint. Sheldon smiles when he hears she watched the show. He’s totally going to win her back. As I suspected, I’m having a lot of fun with broken up Sheldon and Amy.

Theoretical Laughter

Sheldon: Right now her imagination is running wild. If they meet, it will alleviate the mystery and eliminate fears. Like when that Sparkletts guy let me look under his eye patch.

Leonard:You made that guy cry.

Sheldon:And we learned that you don’t need an eyeball to do that.

Penny: Maybe Mandy Chow is interested.

Sheldon: In Leonard? Even the Sparkletts guy could see that’s unlikely.

Sheldon: Thankfully all the things my girlfriend used to do can be taken care of with my right hand.