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The Bachelorette recap: Derek and Chase get the season's second two-on-one

JoJo heads to Argentina for her second two-on-one of the season

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From Uruguay to Buenos Aires, we continue our tour of places no one can seem to pronounce. This week, JoJo takes the guys to Argentina, where she will take two of them on this season’s record-setting second two-on-one date, and also, the place where JoJo discovers that draping a jacket over your shoulders is a fun fashion thing.

Arriving in Argentina in full cocktail-party attire, JoJo heads out to meet up with Chris Harrison — clearly, the producers realized they need to actually show his face a little this season — on a park bench. With both of them dressed to the nines, Chris reminds her she’s about at the halfway point of the season before they discuss the irony of JoJo potentially falling in love with two people. (Although, the real irony would be her saying “I love you” to two people.)

Elsewhere, the producers are forcing the guys to yell “Hola JoJo” at thin air before they meet up with Chris Harrison at the hotel suite. There, he informs them the week will consist of a one-on-one date, a group date, and a second two-on-one. Again, a record-setting second two-on-one. IT’S NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. Got it?

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Also, fun fact: Someone in this group of men thinks “no mas” means “no good.”

On his way out, Chris leaves behind the first date card of the week, and it seems our very own Seth Cohen, Wells, is going to get his first one-on-one of the season. The bad news is JoJo’s a very blunt human, so when she makes the date card read, “Bésame. Bésame, muchacho,” she makes it quite obvious that she wants Wells to buck up and kiss her. (Also, I think she meant “bésame mucho.” Or else she’s real serious and telling Wells, “KISS ME, BOY!”)

Unable to hide, well, anything, Wells quickly tells the guys they haven’t kissed yet, which of course they have a field day with, acting as if it’s so weird that he hasn’t kissed a woman who’s currently dating a handful of other guys. Getting ready for the date, Wells puts on his trusty leather jacket to try to look a bit more confident, though when JoJo arrives, Luke asks, “Are you guys gonna kiss today?” And at that point, no leather jacket could save Wells.

JoJo, not-so-amused by the men giving Wells a hard time, takes Wells away. Walking through a market, he buys her a bracelet before heading to Fuerza Bruta, a piece of performance art that means brute force. Walking into a black theater, Wells feels like he might have the perfect moment on his hands to kiss JoJo…until a bunch of half-naked people start swimming overhead. You know what they say: There’s nothing like a floating pool filled with strangers to kiss-block you.

After Fabio, the show’s artistic director, puts them through a few drills to give them a taste of what it’s like to perform in the show, JoJo and Wells find themselves in the suspended pool. “This is it. Do or die,” Wells says, psyching himself up. Half-naked and covered in water, Wells takes the moment and kisses JoJo…as both of them lie on their stomachs. So it’s not exactly the least-awkward kiss, but hey, the water thing once worked for Seth Cohen.

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Altogether, the cutest part of this might be JoJo yelling, “That was the moment, Wells! That was the moment! We did it!” It’s equally adorable and hard to watch as we’re basically watching Wells descend into the friend zone. Because let’s face it: Being a cheerleader is only sexy in high school (if even then).

For the evening portion of the date, JoJo — once again rocking that coat over her shoulders — takes Wells to an old mansion where there’s apparently no air conditioning? (The producers really weren’t looking to help Wells at all on this one.)

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