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The Bachelorette recap: Rose rage

Nick’s overconfidence and snotty demeanor continue to drive all the guys crazy, but all Andi cares about is how fun he is to smooch.

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The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette

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Today’s the day, rose lovers! It’s finally time for Andi to decide which four families will receive the pleasure of her company—for one visit, at least.

Dude, we’re in Brussels. The airport must have been having a special on flouncy man-scarves, because now Nick and Chris and Marcus are sporting them. Something about those dubious accessories works for Andi, though, because Marcus gets the first one-on-one date. (Thankfully he ditches the scarf before heading out with his lady.)

The theme of Marcus’ date is can he stick around, or does the fact that he told Andi a while ago that he was thinking of leaving mean he’s going to bolt the first time things get tough in their “relationship”? The topic comes up immediately, as Marcus reveals that he’s been writing in his journal all about his complicated feelings for her. (Side note: Journal is not a verb, Andi. Marcus has been writing in his journal, not journaling.) The whole “should I stay or should I go?” thing, Marcus continues, was about his fear of getting hurt, or something. But now: “I’m in love with you, so it’s full throttle from here.” Dude, maybe play a little hard to get.

Then again, Marcus does have abandonment issues, as he reveals to Andi over dinner. His dad split years ago with no explanation, so you can’t really blame the guy. And that’s the least disturbing thing we learn about Marcus’ family: “[My grandparents] wanted the best for my mom, honestly, and they beat it into her—literally. So that’s kind of how my mom did it to us.” Oh Lord, Marcus, that’s awful—but I gotta say, it’s a risky way to sell Andi on a hometown date. The Bachelorette, though, finds his resilience and honesty endlessly appealing. “There is no rose on today’s date, but I am excited and ready to meet his family.”

Back at the hotel, the date card arrives and much to everyone’s chagrin, Josh gets the next one-on-one. But Nick decides if the mountain won’t come to Mohammed, Mohammed is going to stalk the mountain. He slips out of the hotel room and heads to the lobby, where he proceeds to tell the desk clerk a pathetically unconvincing lie: He lost his room key and has forgotten everything else about his life except his wife’s name, Andi Dorfman. The clerk patiently puts up with this charade and reveals the Bachelorette’s room number—either because security is extremely lax in Brussels or because the producers slipped her €20 and asked her to just go with it.

Knock knock knock! There’s a jackass in a leather jacket at the door! Andi is understandably flummoxed by Nick’s sudden, unsanctioned appearance. “Is everything okay?” she asks, no doubt concerned that he was about to pull a Sharleen. But no, Nick just wanted a little extra time with Andi, and she LOVES it. They take a short walk in the dark, quiet city, and make out against a tree.

The next day, Andi greets Josh in Ghent, and she’s wearing the same tight white pants she sported on Marcus’ date. (I like a lady who packs light.) The Bachelorette’s goal for the day is simple: get Josh to “open up” about his “feelings.” What Andi doesn’t know is that Team Bachelorette has secretly replaced Josh’s feelings with this. Will she notice? Let’s listen in and find out…

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