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The Bachelorette recap: Don't go away mad

The saddest season of The Bachelorette… EVER continues as Andi learns of Dylan’s agonizing past and then has an angry farewell fight with Eric.

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Connecticut welcomes you, rose lovers! Well, at least it’s a step up from New Jersey. (I kid because I love.) Part two of this week’s “exciting” Bachelorette “event” begins in this “quaint” and “charming” part of New England, where Andi and co. are parking it for few airfare-saving days before heading overseas. The men arrive at Mohegan Sun (oh great, now I have the song from that really annoying commercial stuck in my head), where they pig-pile into the giant tub and raise a toast to Andi. Let’s see how buddy-buddy they’re feeling after the first one-on-one date is revealed…

Dylan! Oh, thank God. The poor guy has a lot to get off his chest. Fortunately today he and Andi have the whole Essex Stream Train to themselves for a scenic journey. Dylan works his way up to the heavy stuff, first with the “What was your longest relationship?” talk (hers: 3 years; his: 8 years) and then easing into the “Why did it end?” talk (Andi: “I would have been settling”; Dylan: “same thing”). All of this gives Dylan a perfect segue into his brother’s death, as his 8-year-relationship ended the day after his brother’s funeral. Sadly, though, Dylan can’t bring himself to “open up” to Andi about everything else that happened with his family; try as he might, the topic of his brother’s death causes Dylan to shut down, and after a brief silence he changes the subject. It doesn’t help that the train ride along the banks of the Connecticut River, a fixture from his childhood, is flooding Dylan with memories of his late sister and brother. Despite his reticence, Andi knows what’s up. “I can sit across from Dylan and feel that he just wants to burst out with this story,” says the Bachelorette. “I think until we…talk about it and I hear it, it’s like we can’t start yet.”

Perhaps a change of scenery to the Essex Clipper Dinner Train will do the trick? And like the prosecuting attorney that she is, Andi wastes no time laying out the facts for her date. “I want to see the real Dylan sooner rather than later,” she tells him, as the date rose taunts him silently from the table. “I figured, one-on-one time, like, I owed it to both of us to try and get past [your] nerves.” You want the truth, Andi? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH. Oh wait, yes you can. As Dylan methodically recounts the sad details of his siblings’ deaths, the Bachelorette focuses on him with that concerned, “I’m really listening” duckface she makes — and remains intensely attentive as Dylan tearfully finishes his story. She even wipes a few tears away herself, because she’s not a robot. “When he said that, you know, being in his hometown made him think about his brother… I just felt bad,” the Bachelorette tells us later, weeping. “Like, did I bring up bad memories for him?” Still, she insists to Dylan that the flower in her hand is not a “pity rose,” so just take it, pal. (And five points to Dylan for his Jim Halpert-like glance into the camera during the post-rose hug.)

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