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The Bachelorette recap: Suite Ending

During the three fantasy dates, Jesse is charming, Jason is romantic, and Jeremy is too darn serious and gets sent home. Plus, the men tell all

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Greetings, TV Watchers! With Erin out this week, I, her trusted Bachelorette-obsessed colleague, happily agreed to take a stab at commenting on this weeks exotic escapades. It’s my freshman effort here, so bear with the new girl. And fear not, Erin will be back with you next week for what will surely be ”the most dramatic finale ever!”

I totally agreed with Erin last week when she said that the hometown visits were the best they’ve ever been; all of the families were so endearing. But I’ll take it a step further and say that, for me at least, this has been one of the best seasons of the series. DeAnna has won me over because she seems 100 percent committed to her cause. The crop of guys she got was truly exceptional, and I think she’s handled letting them down with the utmost grace. I guess that means I can finally forgive her for letting Patrick C. go that first night. (Seriously! Did you see that guy?) Ahem. Moving on.

Letting Graham (”a Brad”) go was hard for D (how cute is it that Jesse calls her that?) because she has openly admitted that he was the man she thought would be standing there in the end. Heck, she even went as far as to say that he was the one (only one?) she was falling in love with at the time and that having him gone threw the whole operation out of focus. And while a small part of me had to wonder what that meant for the other dudes, the simple fact that she was smart enough to figure out that she had to let him go despite all that makes me think this might be the best shot we’ve had at a Ryan and Trista, part dos. Fingers crossed.

While most of the episodes this season have been two hours (which I totally love — that’s part of the reason I feel so connected this time), last night’s exotic-dates episode lasted only an hour, followed by one of the most productive ”tell-alls” the show has had. But first things first: I was totally bummed at how quickly the regular episode blew by and even more shocked when, although all the dates went well, I easily called Jeremy as the one who would be out after they showed only 8 minutes of his time with DeAnna. (Jason got 12 minutes of screen time, and Jesse 15.) While sweet, Jeremy’s time with D just wasn’t lighthearted enough, and she’s said she was looking to see a less serious side of the ”perfect” bachelor. Though I can’t count myself as a Jeremy hater (message boards for the show seem to show that most people are), I certainly saw what D meant when she later described wanting to fall in love with Jeremy instead of actually feeling something for him. I secretly think it’s because his fantasy suite looked really lame compared with Jesse’s candlelit setup and Jason’s patio. (Just kidding.) Fortunately, like all of the men this season, Jeremy handled his exit with grace and kindness; I hope D realizes how lucky she is to have avoided any huge blowups from the heartbroken dudes.

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