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The Bachelorette recap: Snow Bored

Jesse misses a chance for kisses; only DeAnna and Graham in a hammock — and some desert four-wheeling — gave this show a pulse. Bring on the hometown dates!

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In a Bachelor/Bachelorette first last night, we got a mid-series ”Tell All,” which was the first hour of our two hours together, and it couldn’t have been less interesting. Am I being harsh? Maybe I’ve decided that, like DeAnna, I don’t want to lead you TV Watchers on, like it’s been done to me. DeAnna’s desire to not do this has become a constant with every episode and almost every decision, it seems. We’ve come to expect two things from The Bachelorette this season: (1) DeAnna being brutally honest and (2) DeAnna crying. There may not have been any tears last night, but it looks like there will be waterworks next week as the preview showed DeAnna second-guessing a decision. I wonder whom she was referring to?

I’m also left wondering if DeAnna really spells her name with a capital ”a.” On the date note she sent Jeremy, her name was clearly spelled without a capital letter. Now you might try to tell me that production assistants write those notes. To which I’d respond, ”Well, if Miss DeAnna can take credit for nearly every aspect of the production — ”I’m keeping all six of the guys here in Palm Springs all week,” ”I had a vintage convertible waiting for us to get to dinner” — then she can surely sign her own name to the date card. She’s even got the guys believing these dates are her ideas. Last night Jesse said, ”She knows how to pick her spots and where to take us.” Instead of a mid-series ”Tell All,” give us a look behind the scenes at DeAnna making all these plans!

The ”Tell All” didn’t tell us much: She’s got six very different relationships with six very different guys, and it’s not easy, but she’s confident her husband is in the bunch. We at least got to see a new side to Twilley: He started a real-estate software company in college, his dad played professional football, and he likes to draw. Jeremy likes to race motorcycles. And Sean likes to break boards with his feet because he was on the small side as a kid, and his parents signed him up for kung fu lessons in response. He’s also a bit of a dandy — with ”nothin’ but name brands” in his five-bedroom house, as well as a tanning bed and a sauna — and he lives a block away from his folks. Best of all, though, we learned Sean got his haircut at the suggestion of ousted hairdresser/philosopher Ron, who offered to ”modernize” the man. Why, oh why did they wait to show us that footage?

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