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The Bachelorette recap: Attention Deficit

At an impromptu cookout, DeAnna lashes out at the guys for not seeming to be that into her or the whole process; plus, she dumps two suitors in one date

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Kevin Foley

The Bachelorette

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Okay, okay, okay. You all have made it very clear I’m alone in my feelings for Fred. But if I weren’t happily married, I might just have to head to Chicago and look the rejected bachelor up. You knew he was done for last night when, on the date with DeAnna (and chef Robert), DeAnna said, ”You’re so sweet, Fred,” before giving him a hug. This after he verged on getting choked up, telling her how much she means to him and how he wants their hugs to linger. But we’re knee-deep in it, folks, and if there’s no romance at this stage, that’s the kiss of death. Except when it comes to Twilley. I can’t for the life of me understand why Twilley (who bears quite a resemblance to the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz) is still on the show. I have not witnessed one spark between them. But this DeAnna proves she’s a woman of substance more and more each week. She wasn’t scared off by the news of Jason’s kid last week; she’s at times painfully honest (more about her tearful breakdown at the ”outhouse” later); and she chose to keep Twilley while sending hunky coach Brian away. I know Brian has a lot of fans out there in TV Watch Land. I thought his song in the challenge was the most interesting and deep, though singing about the ”house of pain” you’re in might be a bit intense and overwhelming to prospective dates and Southern belles like DeAnna. Brian got the boot because DeAnna felt he was having too much fun with the guys, which he astutely recognized in his post-booting confessions. But weep not for the hunky coach: I’m sure he doesn’t lack anything in the lady realm.

What our Southern belle wants is honesty, a trait that she told Brian she acquired from her father. Evidently, calling her a redneck, which Kung Fu Sean basically did after he won the stock-car challenge (did he stifle a tear when calling that challenge a dream come true?), isn’t too much honesty for her. He made a somewhat graceful fix by correcting himself and saying she’s more of a ”roughneck” instead of a redneck. Well, on second thought, maybe that’s not all that graceful. And though it’s getting later in the game, I’m still not sure calling her ”baby” is appropriate or going to earn him any points. But for being so honest and willing to open up, DeAnna gave Sean a rose, which was completely sullied at the rose ceremony by that darn two-tone gray suit he wore again. His haircut has done wonders to clean up his image, but last night I wished he’d gotten the black suit that Jesse had been given for his one-on-one date.

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