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The Bachelor

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Next up, it’s time for Becca to return to the stage. (Hopefully producers got her a hotel room and didn’t make her sleep in the greenroom last night.) After getting a huge round of applause from the very pro-Becca audience, Harrison asks her how she’s doing. “I’m hanging in there. Just trying to take deep breaths right now,” she says. “It’s hard to watch that all back and see how it all went down on the other end.” Speaking of which, the host wants to know how Becca feels about the show ambushing her into an on-camera breakup and then airing the whole unedited mess on national TV. (I’m paraphrasing.) “It was hard to relive those moments… But watching it back it honestly helps me get some closure,” Becca says diplomatically. Did you really think she’d tear producers a new one for this violation? They’re about to make her the Bachelorette!)

And then Becca says something that is very simple, but profoundly self-aware for a reality TV contestant: “I signed up for this.” God bless you, woman.

Harrison then turns the conversation to all the “outpouring of love” for Becca – from the billboards people (cough producers cough) took out shaming Arie and assuring Becca she deserves better, to all the money fans have Venmo’d to Becca so she can drink her pain away. Learning that the “good riddance Arie” fund is now up to $6,000, Becca is thankful, but as much as she loves her wine “I don’t think I can drink that much.” Instead she’s going to donate the money to Stand Up 2 Cancer — and Harrison says The Bachelor will match her contribution. (You can’t donate away your guilt, Mike Fleiss!)

Unfortunately, it’s now time for Arie to join Becca on the stage and face her wrath — or, more accurately, her quiet frustration mixed with disdain. All Becca wants to know – all any of us want to know when we’re dumped, really — is when did you know? At least this part of Arie’s story is consistent: He says that as soon as he called Lauren for “closure,” which Becca knew he was doing, he started thinking seriously about giving things with her another shot. So why didn’t he tell Becca as soon as he started having real doubts? “I wanted to be certain in my decision before I came to you,” says Arie. “You were working, and we were apart.” A smattering of Oh HELL no boos ripple through the audience — did he seriously just blame Becca’s job for his unacceptable delay? Arie quickly tries to explain that the time apart due to Becca’s gainful employment was a good thing, because it gave him the time he needed to get realign his head with his heart. (Next: An indecent proposal)

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