March 06, 2018 at 11:19 PM EST

The Bachelor

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Cut to: Arie on a plane to Virginia Beach, where he hopes to win Lauren back while the cameras roll. Meanwhile, poor Becca is back in snowy Minneapolis, mournfully sifting through pictures and videos of happier times with Arie for the cameras, which she’s still obligated to allow into her home.

It’s a chilly winter day (allegedly this meeting happened sometime in January) when Arie drives up to Lauren’s family’s house, and then pauses outside to have a “panic attack.” What’s he so worried about? When he finally knocks on the door, Lauren all but leaps into his arms. (Apparently they spoke on the phone earlier and Lauren knows Arie is no longer engaged to Becca.) That said, when he asks Lauren for a “second chance,” she isn’t about to say yes without giving Arie a mildly hard time. After he dumped her, Lauren says, she felt “extremely alone,” and the past six weeks (!) marinating in that rejection were “crushing” for her. And she still can’t wrap her head around why Arie proposed to Becca if he wasn’t actually sure he wanted to marry her. The best way the Bachelor can explain it is that he thought that it was the “safe decision” for his future. “I think I just let the logic side of myself take over.” And they say televised romance is dead.

Arie promises Lauren that he’s “1,000 percent” over Becca, but at this point his promises are worth less than a one-off Fit Tea endorsement on Instagram. Still, Lauren desperately wants to believe that Arie’s indecisive days are behind him, so when Arie says he wants her back, she responds with a cheerful, “Well, you got me.” Has anyone seen Neil Lane, by the way? Lauren would like to start trying on rings pronto.

And we’re back in the Tealight Candle Thunderdome, where Bekah, Seinne, Tia, Caroline, and Kendall are all in the studio ready to talk trash about Arie with Chris Harrison. Tia, for one, wants the world to know that Arie did, in fact, confirm with Lauren that she’d take him back before he dumped Becca; she was with Lauren on New Year’s Eve when Arie messaged his runner-up on Instagram. So Tia is shocked — shocked! — that Arie later had audacity to say in his confessionals that he “wasn’t sure” how things were gonna go when he went down to Virginia Beach. Yes, that is a total douche move, but at this point it would be surprising if he did something human.

As for the rest of the “ladies,” they want to make it clear that people should not hate on Lauren — Arie should be the sole target of their wrath. When Harrison asks what they all hope will happen next with Arie and Lauren, Bekah M. is quick to respond: “I hope that Lauren gets out of that as soon as possible!” Same, girl. Same. (Next: “I signed up for this”)

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