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'The Bachelor' recap: Barenaked Lady

The hometown dates introduce Chris to families, jobs, and nude photos.

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The second half of The Bachelor‘s two-night special had a lot to get through, including four hometown dates. There was rapping, baby-making, nude modeling, and in Becca’s case, well, nothing really (aside from a sister who knows way too much about her sister’s sex life, or lack thereof).

But we’ll get to that in a moment, because we still have one more date left in Des Moines, and as we know, it’s Becca’s.

At this point, Chris is well aware that Becca likes to take things slow—how slow is another question entirely—so he decides to basically not plan a date? According to Chris, because they’re not in Italy or Belgium—of all places—but rather in Iowa, the most exciting thing to do is sit on a couch and talk about life before heading up to the roof to watch the sunset. It’s almost like he wants people to think that there’s nothing to do in Iowa…

Also, does this entire date last an hour or are the producers not showing us anything… again? Although, last time all we apparently missed was an overzealous donkey, and there’s no way something half that exciting happened in this loft.

On the couch, Becca tells him that she’s never been in love with anyone before winning me over by saying that if he proposed right now, she’d say no. I mean, who is she? A sane person?! But with that in mind, she is ready for him to meet her family. And that’s literally their entire date, plus a sunset. So, you two in love yet?

Back at the hotel, Britt informs the ladies that she has packed her stuff and that she’s planning on leaving before the rose ceremony. Jade doesn’t understand how one rose could have changed her mind, but Britt feels that this rose was more important because it came right after she admitted to wanting to be Chris’ wife. It’s not the craziest thing that’s happened this season, but it seems that Britt’s magic potion has dried up, because the women are over it. Carly decides she’s lying, and Whitney’s just happy to learn that looks aren’t everything.

But here’s where things get interesting: Britt is planning on talking to Chris at the cocktail party… until Chris Harrison informs them that there won’t be a cocktail party. So instead, Britt is forced to pull Chris aside at the rose ceremony (where the dresses keep getting shorter). So while the women all but join hands and hex Britt, she apologizes to Chris for her actions on the group date, but Chris is more worried about whether he can trust her. He brings up the fact that other women have mentioned her lies, and Britt immediately assumes he’s talking about Carly.

But as far as Chris is concerned, he’d rather have someone like Carly, who’s looking out for him, than someone like Britt, who reacted the way she did the other night. That’s not what this farmer considers wifey material. With that, he walks Britt out, and Carly practically jumps for joy when she hears Britt crying outside. But you can’t say that karma doesn’t have a place on this show, because just as Carly cheers for Britt’s demise, her time on the show also comes to an end.

NEXT: Let the hometowns begin!