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The Astronaut Wives Club recap: Liftoff

The astronaut wives have landed in Houston.

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Cook Allender/ABC

The Astronaut Wives Club

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Yvonne Strahovski, Kenneth Mitchell, Odette Annable

The Astrofamilies have arrived in Houston, where Wally Schirra is set to be the next man in space, and there’s hope for NASA to unground Deke Slayton. Houston is also home to the nine new families prepping for the Gemini missions, along with a Junior League, Spaces Tours, and messy barbecue food. “Liftoff” opens with a vintage clip of President John F. Kennedy declaring America will win the Space Race, but it’s not long before JFK has Americans fearing for their lives ahead of what he believes may be a nuclear war with Russia. Let’s see how our space couples are feeling about all these life changes…

Marge & Deke Slayton

Deke has adopted a strict diet in hopes of regaining flying privileges, and since Marge believes in “suffering in solidarity,” she partakes as well. And that means means no sex, laughing, or conversations longer than 3 minutes. But Marge thinks she has a better solution: send Deke to Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson’s cardiologist to clear him for takeoff. While LBJ’s heart doc thinks Deke is fit to fly, and the six other astronauts stick up for Deke in a NASA hearing, Deke’s appeal to get ungrounded is denied. Just because he can’t fly a rocket doesn’t mean he can’t manage those who can, apparently, so NASA makes Deke Chief Astronaut, overseeing the Gemini crew. And according to Deke, that means Marge can serve as boss among their wives.

But Marge has already assumed that role, shutting down one of the New Nine wives’ suggestions to rotate launch party hosting duties, and putting her cigarette out in their meatloaf cupcakes (which probably would’ve made it to the launch party had Pinterest existed in 1962).

Jo & Wally Schirra

Jo, on the other hand, yearns to fit in with the New Nine wives, and more importantly, the Houston elite. She lands an invite to a fundraiser gala hosted by the Houston Junior League and brings along the other Astrocouples. Just as the guys get their bow ties into place, Kennedy announces a nuclear war with Russia may soon be underway, and the men offer to deploy in defense of their country. Duncan insists the astronauts ignore the potentially life-threatening news and attend the party anyway. “Show the world that nothing scares an American hero,” he says. But the astronauts pass on the gala in favor of drinking on the NASA headquarter’s patio.

Jo isn’t fazed by Wally missing the gala though, since she’s busy trying to impress the Junior League members in hopes of earning a spot. Unfortunately playing the perfect Navy wife doesn’t grant Jo a bid, and she soon come crawling back to the Mercury wives. Rene and Betty are quick to forgive, and extend an olive branch in the form of chainsaw to cut a hole in Jo’s fence.

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