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The Celebrity Apprentice recap: The Corn Bawler

As the contestants stage guerilla marketing campaigns, people get hit with bags of popcorn, and somebody loses a tooth

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Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

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Before I get into this week’s challenge, I’d like to point out my favorite part of this episode: the incredibly eerie shot of Donald Trump and his progeny standing perfectly still as they rode down an escalator, graciously allowing themselves to be lowered so that they could address the plebes. THE GREATEST BUSINESSMAN IN THE WORLD never moves his solid gold arms while in an upright position (pictured, right) — why would he deign to move his diamond feet?

THE POPCORN BUSINESS IS A BIG BUSINESS. This week’s challenge: Create a guerilla marketing stunt for Popcorn, Indiana — the more potential to go viral, the better. Clint and Mahsa stepped up as project managers, and David almost immediately removed himself from the task by indulging in a killer bagel that took out half of a tooth. At least in the dentist’s chair, he’d be safe from Steuart, whom David claimed “rubbed him the wrong way” in last week’s boardroom. Steuart scoffed at David’s exit. “If you’re only missing half a tooth, respect the team and get the job done.” Ha!

But he was lying. Steuart was thrilled to see David leave. He smiled smugly, playing peekaboo with the camera while eating popcorn and not losing any teeth. If he’d just have removed his clothes or something, this could have been a much more effective viral marketing campaign than either of the messes the two teams ended up creating. Finely coiffed man munches popcorn. Why is he twitching? Why is he naked? Boom. The Apprentice.

Nope, instead, Team Octane decided to pull off a grand stunt, closing off Fifth Avenue IN FRONT OF TRUMP TOWER to film a series of shots in which innocent pedestrians got pummeled by bags of popcorn. Wade thought this was way too violent and worried about the children. Nobody cared.

Over at Team Fortitude, Stephanie knew all about the World Wide Web. “Everything on the internet is humorous,” she informed her teammates. Let’s hope she’s not reading this recap and can keep that dream alive. The women decided to film a guy working out alongside women in Gold’s Gym while eating popcorn. It would be hilarious! Tyana warned everyone against the idea, but offered no solution of her own, so basically the women were screwed.

I’d say the hidden gem of this episode had to be Gene. He looked so out of place during the Octane shoot, clinging to his cell phone as the popcorn fighters/revelers bounced around him. Gene in a confessional: “If this thing doesn’t go viral, then there’s no such thing as viral.” What???

In the boardroom, Tyana was still so disgusted with her team’s concept that she latched onto the guys’ idea, laughing way too hard as it played out on tape and even inserting an ill-advised and undeserved “Wow” after it finished. Tyana insisted to Trump that her team had lost. To retaliate, Mahsa called Tyana “the biggest member of the team and the weakest.” Did Mahsa think her team had won? “I think we won,” said Mahsa. “THAT’S A GREAT ANSWER,” bellowed Trump.