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The Americans recap: Clark's Place

There are no hiding places left as the FBI trails Martha

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Eric Liebowitz/FX

The Americans

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Matthew Rhys, Keri Russell
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“Clark” owes Martha an apology. “Where have you been for the last two days?” she asks.

He can’t tell her he was holed up in his handler’s apartment with his wife undergoing antibiotic treatment to stave off a potential bio-weapons infection. So he gives her the typical, vague “something came up” excuse.

Martha clues him in to Agent Aderholt’s dinner and the fact that the FBI knows the counters on her office copy machine are off. She thinks she is under suspicion. She felt alone and abandoned when she couldn’t reach him.

Clark gives her an operator number for the Center, who can contact him any time, day or night. “I will need that back tomorrow morning,” he says — so she needs to memorize it.

“Of course,” Martha says. “Why would I expect to keep anything?”

At the Jennings house, Paige wakes Elizabeth in the middle of the night to say she feels nervous around her brother now that she’s harboring the family secret. It’s especially nerve-racking because Henry has been hanging around with Stan Beeman lately.

“Maybe we should take a break,” Elizabeth says. “So much has been thrown at you. Maybe it’s too much. We tried to tell you everything, and…that hasn’t worked out so well. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Where were you this weekend?” Paige asks. Again, Elizabeth can’t tell her about the antibiotics and the glanders.

“I think it’s enough now, Paige,” her mother says.

In Moscow, Oleg Burov gets words from his father about Nina’s brutal execution.

“I tried,” his father says. “It’s not easy to help a traitor.”

Oleg takes a deep breath. “I don’t know why I expected anything,” he says. He sits. “You didn’t help Yevgeny either,” he says.

Low blow. But Oleg can drive the knife deeper.  “The one official who couldn’t get his own son out of Afghanistan…”

Oleg’s father points out that his brother wanted to fight.

“And die?” Oleg says.

His father, a World War II veteran, points out that he lost four brothers in that conflict. “Now the same bastards who won’t send their kids to fight say we can’t say a word about where our boys are fighting and dying,” his father says. “No military honors at their funerals. For my son. Who died a hero.” (At the funeral later, we see the father fire off his own version of a gun salute — further defiance of the Party rules.)

Uh-oh. The Party isn’t going to like this. “The whole country’s going to shit,” Papa Burov says. He tells Oleg to go back to America then, with all its comfort and special favors.

“It’s not what I fought for,” Oleg’s father says. “It’s not what your brother died for.”

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