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The Americans recap: Munchkins

The pastor vanishes, and an important character meets a bad end

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Patrick Harbron/FX

The Americans

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Matthew Rhys, Keri Russell
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I knew right away there was going to be trouble when they had Richard Thomas say, “Previously, on The Americans…”

That felt like a nod, a tribute. A goodbye.

The episode begins at Young Hee’s house, where Don is pretty glum at a family dinner with Elizabeth. Last week, she drugged him and tricked him into thinking they’d had sex — part of a plan to manipulate him to gain access to the higher levels of the bio-weapons facility where William also works.

We don’t see exactly how this is going to yield results, but it feels like Don’s agony is just beginning.

At home, Philip and Paige are cooking, and she asks about his childhood in Russia. He says it was a tough life. “That’s the way you had to be. After the war, people didn’t have much. It wasn’t about what you liked; it was about hard work and protecting your family,” he says.

He tells her about working at a cooperative where they made rakes. His boss tried to cheat him once. “My mom went over there,” Philip says. “And then he paid me all of it.”

His speech is intercut with footage of Young Hee saying goodbye to Elizabeth — who we know is also one bad mutha.

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In a meeting with Gabriel, he wants to know how close they are to getting the Level Four access from Don. Philip is still reluctant about gaining access to weaponized viruses, but Gabriel says the Center insists.

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