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April 20, 2017 AT 11:00 PM EDT

The Amazing Race

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It’s leg 4, and the contestants have to travel to a lighthouse in Norway to get their next clue. Everyone is on the same flight. None are excited at the possibility of meeting Elsa and Anna. Weird.

Once they land and take in all the glory of the beautiful fjords, everyone races to the lighthouse, where they meet a guy who serves them what looks like raw rockfish. Becca and Floyd chug it like college kids on Spring Break. So does Scott. Brooke, on the other hand, has to perform major breathing exercises and some sort of yoga in order to eat the fish. This annoys Scott. He has every right to be irritated.

Becca and Floyd get the FAST FORWARD and jump in a helicopter to an unknown destination. Scott watches, thinking that could have been his helicopter. Bummer. Instead, he and the others try not to puke as they rush back to their cars so they can drive to the village of Slinningsbalet, where the ROAD BLOCK is located.

Slinningsbalet (easy for me to say) has this big huge bonfire that the locals build every year. It’s made with 31,000 wooden pallets stacked 13 stories high. One person must climb up, nail a pallet to the top, and climb back down. Joey and Matt start at the same time. Matt channels his inner Spider-Man and scales the tower with zero effort. Everyone is in awe, including the Norwegian bonfire builders. He climbs back down before Joey makes it all the way up. Ashton is next, along with Scott, who, as you may recall, has a major fear of heights. This makes perfect sense. London and Liz arrive last and begin to scramble their way up.

Matt and Redmond are the first to DETOUR. They can either look for five trolls all around the village and recite a poem to free the trolls in order to collect rockets, or they can kayak through a canal looking for red and yellow lures at the end of fishing poles. Even though I have a soft spot in my heart for Justin Timberlake and all his troll friends, it seems that the fishing expedition requires a lot less work. Matt agrees with me. So do Joey and Tara.

Matt and Redmond have a hard time finding the correct lure. Joey finds it immediately, but Tara isn’t sure that they have the correct clue because she doesn’t understand what “Aksla” means. She makes a big mistake by asking The Boys to confirm. They have the wrong lure and wouldn’t have known any different if Joey hadn’t shown them his correct clue. The one that he is holding in his mouth for safe keeping. That seems odd, but we’ll go with it. Then Joey, who previously found two clues, tells them where to locate the other one.

Are these contestants nice, or what?

Tara quickly realizes that all they have to do is ask someone on the street what “Aksla” means. They paddle to the shore, with The Boys hot on their heels.

In other news, everyone else is following a map that leads them to women dressed as trolls. After reciting a poem, those trolls give them huge firecrackers which they have to take back to another lady. Vanck and Ashton use their car. The other teams don’t. The verdict is back and forth on whether this is a good idea, but it does help them in the end when they have to essentially climb a very large hill to get to the elusive Mount Aksla, where Phil stands at the PIT STOP.

Do you know who isn’t thinking about a PIT STOP? Becca and Floyd. They are currently sky diving, having the time of their lives. The fun meter has officially busted on these two.

1. Tara and Joey — First place two weeks in a row!

2. Matt and Redmond — They can almost taste victory.

3. Becca and Floyd — These two crazy kids are floored that they didn’t get first place with their fast forward.

4. Vank and Ashton — Driving worked!

5. London and Logan — I still want them to date.

6. Brooke and Scott — She yelled at him as he conquered his fear. They are best buds.

7. Liz and Mike — Mike doesn’t want to climb all those stairs, so he suggests they take the car. This turned out to be a very bad decision. They ended up having to climb the stairs anyway. All 420 of them. They get into a very big fight once Phil announces that they are the last to arrive. Spirits do not lift when he gives them their next clue. They are not eliminated, but the name calling continues. It makes me and the little Norwegian boy playing the violin very uncomfortable.

Will they give up? Is this partnership over? Are The Boys ever going to be in first place? Do you want Team LoLo to date? Tell me they don’t look cute together.

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