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The Amazing Race recap: Good Old Fashioned Spit in the Face

The Texans get a taste of humble pie (and spit), while the Green Team takes the high road.

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The Amazing Race

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Phil Keoghan
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Weren’t we supposed to come out of this whole Double U-Turn thing with a villain? Or with, I don’t know, a U-Turn, at least?! But instead of setting up the Green Team for an elimination, this episode just served up a big ol’ slice of humble pie to the Texans. This episode also ended with a To Be Continued title card after only two teams had crossed the Finish Line. Excuse me, but what-the-what, Phil?! I require at least one bout of weeping per episode, either from a team that’s just had their dreams dashed by an elimination, or a team that just found out it’s a Non-Elimination Leg and they’re still in the game. (I guess Justin cried, but that’s kind of par for the course at this point).

Really, I could have taken or left what any of the teams were doing tonight—except Denise’s face after she got her Zambian blessing—because the star of this episode was obviously Zambia itself. We got to see an elephant walk across the street in front of a taxi, a little spit-blessing, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and got more than a few minutes with the locals.

There are a few gameplay details to go over before the eight remaining teams move on from Argentina to Zambia, though. You see, the Texans have been talking mad trash about the Green Team since pretty much the first Detour. Both because they find Justin annoying, and because they’ve been neck-and-neck throughout most of the race. They’ve been plotting to use their Express Pass this leg to get ahead of the pack and U-Turn the Green Team, and have promised to pass along their Express Pass to anyone who helps them.

Naturally, their “flawless plan” doesn’t go so flawlessly…

First, the teams have to take a bus from San Antonio de Arco to Buenos Aires, and a flight from Buenos Aires to Livingston, Zambia. There are only four spots on the first flight out, and they’re nabbed by the Texans, Reporters, Green Team, and Runners. Everyone is buzzing about the “deal” the Texans have proposed, and though it’s probably for less, uh, personal reasons, it quickly becomes clear that all of the other teams are also down to push the Green Team into last place.

After flying 6,000 miles, the teams first head to Mukuni Village to receive a traditional Mukuni welcome to Zambia, which involves being blessed by a woman of the village in the form of spitting water onto each of the teams’ general face region. And everyone loves it. Then the teams take cabs to one of theVictoria Falls, where they receive the clue for their next ROAD BLOCK: RISE ABOVE. One member of each team must take an open cockpit microlight aircraft—basically a Vespa with wings—over Victoria Falls, looking out for a yellow and red flag that will be the location of their next clue.

And it looks incredible. 

It also looks like it won’t take much time. There’s no real effort to be put forth except taking in one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World on a flying bicycle, which makes it especially odd that the Texans choose this Road Block to use their Express Pass. Almost immediately they know they’ve made a mistake, as do the rest of the teams who were in on their plan. The seven teams at the Road Block go up, they have the time of their lives, they come down, and then they’re pretty much on their way to the next clue, crossing the border from Zambia into Zimbabwe to Shoestrings Backpacker’s Lodge. That’s right, a lodge, which means…

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