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'The Amazing Race' recap: 'Fruits of Our Labor'

The teams down moonshine and sugarcane while racing through Peru to determine the Final Four.

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The Amazing Race

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Phil Keoghan
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Hello TAR historians! I’m counting on you this week to lead the discussion on Leg 10 of this rrrrace around the world; due to a little scheduling snafu, I’m unable to fully recap tonight’s episode. You know how it is—you book the wrong flight at the travel agency and your partner that you just met three weeks ago won’t stop screaming at you to admit that you’re wrong, then your taxi driver keeps taking you to a potato farm when you’re just trying to make moonshine with an elderly woman… standard recap scheduling issues.

So, just for this episode, I won’t ask you to “freakin’ listen to some of my input,” although I would recommend that you freakin’ listen to Hayley if every paired up with her on TAR, because if you don’t, you’ll be hearing about it right up until the Pit Stop mat where she will suddenly begin to love you again. Coincidentally, that’s also where Phil will be waiting to ask you if you’re in love with each other yet while wearing a thermal shirt and panama hat. But that’s enough about how it would go for us on TAR; here’s how things shook out for the five remaining teams as they traveled from Amsterdam to Peru, the land of many beverages, Fitbits, and many unwanted potato showers:

1: Team Medical—I just love seeing these two hate-birds get first place, mostly because it gives them ample time to rub it in Phil’s face that they’re perfectly happy to be bickering BFFs instead of The Amazing Race’s very first OTP.

2: Lawyers—These two haven’t seemed to be the closest Blind Date pairing, but they very sweetly tell Phil tonight that they’ll be friends for “a long, long time” because of this experience.

3: Team Truck Stop –Breathing heavily, and for good reason.

4: Team SoCal—Tyler and Laura joke that they have to throw the other teams a bone here and there in regard to their nearly last place finish, but heading into the Final Four there’s not a lot of throwing room left.

ELIMINATED: The Hairdressers

These two gave it their best effort and they always did it with a lot of love for each other. Not to mention, they got engaged and spent the first few weeks of being fiancés exploring a large chunk of the world together. I’m sad to see them go, but it’s especially noteworthy that their departure leaves only Mike and Rochelle to hold down the established couple front. And considering that those two met at a truck stop, that’s pretty great.

What were your favorite parts of tonight’s leg? Should Team SoCal be worried that they’ve drifted to the back of the pack? Could Hayley and Blair really win this thing? (Please let Hayley and Blair really win this thing…) Sound off in the comments!