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The Amazing Race recap: 'I Feel Like I Just Kissed a Goat'

Leg six, and the teams’ second stay in Morocco, proves to be one of the more fun-filled stints in Season 25 (except, maybe not for one team).

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Amazing Race Recap

The Amazing Race

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The unofficial Halloween episode of The Amazing Race doled out more treats than tricks tonight, giving us a leg of the race thankfully mostly focused on laughs and adventure, as opposed to last week’s episode, which felt a little more like an episode of Bad Girl’s Club than TAR historians are accustomed to. But as are the rules of the TAR gods, the sour apples boxes of raisin have been weeded out one by one, and at the halfway point of the season, we’re left with a pumpkin bucket full of fun-sized Snickers pairings from here on out (and however it is you might qualify Jim… maybe a PayDay?).

There was quite a bit of boob talk, though, which you might technically file under “treat,” but that’s what you get when you’ve got the Wrestlers running around—that Spandex may cut off some of the blood to their brains, but their athleticism and energy continues to serve them well in the Rrrrrace around the world.

No, tonight, the losing spot belonged to Shelley and Nici, who just couldn’t quite make their feisty Gilmore Girl dynamic work for them. They made it known last week during their run-in with the Survivors that they are believers in karma, so I’ll let them be the judges of which of their past transgressions caused them to be eliminated from the Race on the sixth leg. Personally, I would say it was their inability to communicate while inside a car without getting incredibly frustrated with each other, but what do I know? I’ve never raced around Morocco, transporting hay, churning goat butter in a bag, and running across bridges in the middle of the clouds that have approximately one plank every 17 feet. I might get a little worked up, too!

After a pretty tolling (and smelly) last leg, the teams finally get to stay put for a little while, and explore Morocco while not pulling hair off animal skin or giving themselves neck spasms trying to twirl their tassels (less scandalous than it sounds). First up on Leg 6, the winning teams from last week finally have a real advantage in leaving early, staying in Marrakesh to find their next clue at the stables of Marrakesh’s famous Horse Drawn Carriages. Once there, they have to track down marked bales of hay, carry them to a stable, get an apple, take a carriage ride back into town, then feed the apple to their horses for the next clue.

Sounds simple enough, if you discount having to navigate the back alleys of Marrakesh, the language barrier, and all the unmarked bales of hay surrounding the official TAR bales of hay, which about half of the teams seem to discount. The Cyclists, Surfers, and Dentists all cruise through taxi-ing to the stables, stocking the hay, and taking a romantic carriage ride, while everyone else struggles with directions and finding the appropriate hay, except the Wrestlers, who are just a little behind because Mrs. Wrestler takes the time to body-slam her hay bale and do some mugging for the cameras. (I’ll allow it, because I’m just here for the entertainment.)

And even though T&T and Shelley and Nici finally team up to share their knowledge after quite a bit of wandering around the alleys, putting the Scientists in last, Shelley and Nici have officially hit their rough patch that they’ll never really be able to come back from.

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