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The Amazing Race recap: 'Morocc' and Roll'

The teams make their way to Morocco for a grueling day of tea and dancing.

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Amazing Race Recap

The Amazing Race

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Phil Keoghan
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First rule of The Amazing Race: Talk about The Amazing Race as much as you can. Second rule of The Amazing Race: Teamwork makes the dream work. Tonight, the eight remaining teams officially revealed their true colors, both within their own pairings and with the other teams; and as it turns out, there’s a split down the middle between sugar and spice. Is that enough metaphors for you? Because there will be more…

After getting in a serious tiff with each other last week, Shelley and Nici nearly came to fisticuffs with Team Survivor in front of an innocent Moroccan leather worker this week, and it’s one of those fights where you can’t pick a side, because everyone seems like they’re wrong. In sweeter team news, the Cyclists, Surfers, Scientists, and T&T are proving to be your cool aunts, your cool cousins, the cool band kids, and your favorite dinner party guests, respectively, while the Wrestlers just keep hanging on by the thinnest, funniest spandex thread:

Mrs. Wrestler: Ohmigod we’re going to Morocco!

Mr. Wrestler: Play the morocco!

Mrs. Wrestler: No, they’re morrocos.

Mr. Wrestler: Yeah, moroccos are the circular things with all the bells around.

It is almost artful how wrong every single aspect of that conversation is—I love it.

And then there are the Dentists. What’s to be said about the Dentists? As frightening as their teeth-gritting determination can be, I can’t exactly put them on the “spice” side of the split. They seem mostly kind to the other teams, and even though Jim gets crazy intense about winning, their relationship seems to work for them. After they nearly had to use their Save last week, only to be saved by a non-elimination leg, Jim said they had lost all of their confidence; but what he really meant was Misti has lost all of her confidence after she sang about curried giblets for two hours, and he’s soaked it up like a tan sponge.

This was a serious leg of The Amazing Race—the 25th season is serving it up fast and hot (and smelly), and most of these teams are rising appropriately to the challenge (although they clearly never won any neck-hula-hooping championships as children). Other than their inability to speak to each other in any sort of constructive way as soon as the anxiety level goes above “casually walking with no agenda,” I considered Team Survivor to have a decent chance at least the finals, but here they are, the fourth team eliminated. It just goes to show: there’s no predicting this Race.

The episode starts off with one final flashback—thank goodness—to Mrs. Wrestler birthing a Danish kransekage cake (thanks for the fact, JD!), and then it’s on to Morocco from Copenhagen for the first non-European leg of the race. Oh, how I do love to watch a bunch of Americans in colorful dri-fit shirts racing through bazaars. The teams are to fly from Denmark to Marrakesh, Morocco and all eight teams end up in the airport together where they receive the news that Misti and Jim didn’t have to use their Save last leg by way of Misti saying, “God was certainly looking out for us.” Suddenly, everyone is giving Jim stares-of-death and Misti is laughing nervously.

After arriving, the teams race to Jenna Elfman the Jemaa el-Fna marketplace for their first Detour: Cart It Out. Phil is there in a Panama hat and lavender linen shirt (resort Phil is my personal favorite Phil) as the teams receive their clue in Jemaa el-Fna, which is basically a sprawling labyrinth of vendors, people, and smells. It inspires such comments as:

“What’s in the window, is that [the clue]?” “No, that’s an animal.” – Shelley and Nici

“Ohmygah, I wanna buy everything!” – T&T

“FREAKIN’ COBRAS! – Wrestlers

In Cart It Out, teams must help local food vendors roll out their carts of equipment and to set up their restaurants for the day. As Adam races out carrying the rickshaw by himself, Bethany actually has to tell him to slow down, while everyone else can barely control the thing with both team members pulling it. Adam and Bethany are beasts…gentle, whisper-voiced beasts, but beasts nonetheless.

NEXT: It turns out, all kinds of tanning are bad for your health…