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The Amazing Race recap: 'Thinly Sliced Anchovies'

The Dentists get a serving of humble TAR pie while the Cyclists cruise through Copenhagen.

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Amazing Race Recap

The Amazing Race

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Well, for those of you who were rubbed the wrong way last week by Mr. and Mrs. Dentist’s over-confidence (I believe that’s, uh, everyone), justice was served tonight in the form of one supremely humbling flower pot. Flower pot—we thank you. Unfortunately, even in her all her seven-pedaled power, the flower pot could not completely take the Dentists out, for their teeth were too strong, their eyes too piercing, and their Save too powerful.

Actually no, it wasn’t even their coveted Save card that kept them safe, but the fact that their total team breakdown came on a non-elimination leg.

C’mon Phil, cut us a break, we know you have the power! It’s still not totally clear if the Save will ultimately function as a non-elimination, or if it will bump out the second-to-last team when Misti and Jim employ it, but after tonight, it appears to be the former. That’s probably for the best for the Dentists, who have few enough fans without their Save resulting in the elimination of say, the Cyclists or the College Sweethearts (who will forevermore me called T&T, as they were referred to on tonight’s episode).

Still, there’s nothing like a good TAR redemption story, and Misti and Jim might just be on the precipice of getting a mean-jock to hearts-of-gold makeover (I don’t watch a lot of movies, that’s a normal makeover arc, right?). In fact, tonight saw almost a complete reversal of last week’s finishing lineup. I’m torn between a last-shall-be-first biblical reference and an if-you’re-not-first-you’re-last Talladega Nights reference, but I think we can just settle on the lesson that the worst thing you can do in Amazing Race is be over-confident…there is simply no mastering TAR.

Yes, from the beautiful hills of the Shetland Islands, to the cityscapes and pollution-free air of Copenhagen, the transition from Leg 3 to Leg 4 threw everyone for a bit of a loop. TAR has brought out all the stops for its Silver Anniversary Detours and Road Blocks. I guess you’ve got to put in the extra effort in this day and age when 50 percent of reality TV shows end in cancellation. And Phil knows just how to keep things hot: extra focus on sustainability!

Setting out from the Shetland Islands, the teams had to take a 13-hour ferry ride back to Aberdeen and fly to Copenhagen, Denmark where they would find their next product placement clue waiting on a Ford C-Max. Once again, there’s no real advantage to the first-finishing teams getting to leave early because the first ferry isn’t available for five more hours. But the Dentists take advantage of their extra time by going on a fun, carefree pub crawl! Just kidding, you guys, they went to a library. They’re planning to get a jump on the other teams by booking their flight in advance instead of waiting to get to the airport or travel agent in Aberden and they simply Could. Not. Be more pleased with themselves.

Even though they say they’re “sittin’ pretty in first place, that’s where we like to stay,” it’s actually the Cyclists—who some of you rightly pointed out were a little too self-congratulatory about their cool chick pub crawl last week—who get the first flight to Copenhagen simply by running the fastest from the ferry to the airport. Everyone else gets slightly later flights at the airport or travel agency, where there’ this wonderful exchange.

Maya: What’s your name?!?!?!!?!?

Man: Stephen.

Maya: Are you ready for us Steeeeeeephen?!

Stephen: I’m not sure

Any touch of smugness from the Cyclists last week is totally overshadowed by their complete domination of Leg 4 of the rrrrace around the world Europe as they take off to Copenhagen at least an hour before anyone else. The Dentists are next with the following attitude: “Until Phil tells us we’re second, we’re racing for the win.”

NEXT: I wonder how they feel about eighth…