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The Amazing Race recap: 'Down and Dirty'

Teams orchestrate a tuk tuk traffic jam, make paper out of elephant dung, and hear a Sri Lankan guy play a flute

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The Amazing Race

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Phil Keoghan
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Leg 6 begins on an even playing field as the seven remaining teams must camp outside the Dutch Museum in Colombo, Sri Lanka before it opens five hours later. They’re just there to grab a clue, and the most noteworthy museum-related event here is that John (floppy blonde hair, green greenish-blue shirt, totally does not strike me as a John) gets trampled in the group’s mad rush for the red and yellow box. Mayhem! But pretty soon everyone’s safe and sound on the same train to the Ceypetco Fuel Station. Leo plays some bongos, which seem to have miraculously shown up just like the Globetrotters’ ubiquitous basketball. But they’re probably just the standard bongos that come with the train.

Roadblock: Who wants to fill her up? “Me me me me me me me!” says Dave (I paraphrase), because he worked at a gas station when he was 16 and should excel in this challenge — in which team members must navigate “a chaotic tangle of hundreds of tuk tuks,” lead the tiny taxis back to the gas station, and fill ’em up. Now this is what I call a challenge! I loved how strategic and aggressive the teams had to be — no working together on this one, plus the tangle of tuk tuks stretched along a bridge so we really got the feeling they were in this isolated vacuum of absurdly high activity.

Rachel, of the Green People, immediately flies into boss lady mode and starts directing traffic and pumping gas into tuk tuks that weren’t even hers. See, she picked green. Obviously. Rachel is all green all the time. Green is her heritage. But she didn’t read the clue, so she assumed she was looking for green cars, when really she was supposed to look at the small flags on the dashboards of the tuk tuks. Girl filled up four green cars and assumed she’d just won the challenge. THINK AGAIN, Green Person! I liken her approach to the cars to her approach to fashion. Unless the car’s wearing an entirely green outfit, Rachel doesn’t really see it as green. She’s never heard of merely accessorizing with green. That’d be hardly green at all.

“Green! Come on, green!” Rachel is still yelling as John gently points out that a green car wearing a red necktie is actually red. Rachel’s emerald city comes crashing down. Christmas: does not compute. “I’m such an idiot,” she mutters. To be fair, I think we all thought she’d overreact much, much worse to her own failure. Her subsequent traffic-directing is obnoxious, but the whole point of the challenge was to be obnoxious otherwise you’d fall behind.

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